As an Indigenous woman entrepreneur, Angie Zachary has taken her passions and transformed them into a thriving full-service beauty bar and professional makeup artistry school. She tells us her Top 3 Makeup Tips, what drives her and how her passions have made The Be.You.Tee.Bar one of the best local beauty destinations and The Be.You.Tee Factory, the first professional makeup school in Winnipeg.



Angie Zachary has a quiet confidence that, as soon as you talk with her, starts to ignite your own confidence, without even realizing what is happening. It’s hard to put your finger on it exactly, but it’s her energy, sage advice and heck, even the sound of her voice that draws out this nuanced sense of positivity and self-confidence. Now, that is truly inspirational!

We meet on a Thursday afternoon at NYGÅRD HQ in Winnipeg, a place where she has been many times before, as a freelance makeup artist. This time, however, she has come full circle and is back in the place where it all began and where she learned the foundation of running a business—because as a freelance makeup artist you are a business of one. Angie started freelancing at NYGÅRD after working in the beauty and fashion industry for several years, and she credits NYGÅRD for giving her credibility as a makeup artist. “I always talk about NYGÅRD first because it is an internationally recognized brand,” she says. “When I was in New York, I saw my work on a billboard in Times Square.” It was here in Winnipeg that she honed her craft and learned the ropes of how to work on set, how to work for certain people and how to do high fashion “editorial” makeup.

Angie started her business, The Be.You.Tee Factory, in 2014 because she saw a gap in the market—if you wanted to be a professional makeup artist, you had to leave Winnipeg to go to school. She also has a passion for health and self-improvement, so she wanted to incorporate that aspect into the business, as well. So, since the school’s inception, she has helped over 200 women get their qualifications and open up their own freelance businesses. As a natural succession, Angie has expanded her brand to include The Be.You.Tee Bar, a full-service, state-of-the-art beauty bar on trendy Corydon Ave. Here, her team of 17 hairstylists, makeup artists and aestheticians offer luxury services for all guests. She decided to open the beauty bar because Winnipeg did not have a dedicated place for women to go for a blow-out or just get their makeup done. This is something that Angie loves to do whenever she travels, so she wanted women to be able to have the experience of making an ordinary day into a special occasion, right here in Winnipeg.

It is inspiring to see that Angie’s no-fail attitude comes from within and unsurprisingly, the main thing that drives her is freedom for women. Freedom from feeling insecure or frazzled before a special event—”That is the one thing I hold on to in life, it is my mission.” She is energized by people, as they inspire her to bring her A-game to the table every day—by learning new things, she can teach and inspire others. Celebs like the Kardashians and Jennifer Lopez also inspire her because they have taught people how to accept different body shapes and sizes and that everything they do is to an exceptional standard. It seems that some of Angie’s self-confidence comes from her icon, Linda Nelson. Linda, who also freelanced at NYGÅRD as a fashion stylist, has been a guiding force in Angie’s life since she was 12-years old. “I call Linda my work mom because she always kept me professional and instilled the value of working to excellence,” recalls Angie. “She is someone who has been a mentor to me and someone that I have always looked up to—she is my ICON.”

As far as personal style is concerned, Angie does not skip a beat when she lists off the four Must-Haves that her clothes need to possess: classic, glamour, rock ‘n’ roll and vintage, and this is why she LOVES the 50th Anniversary Iconic Collection. She is obsessed with the Iconic Embroidered Beaded Velvet Jacket because it embodies all of these things, “I think it is an awesome jacket and I absolutely love it,” she explains. ‘I love that everything in the Iconic collection is full of the details that I want and expect out of my clothing —I love Peter Nygård clothes.”

“I call Linda my work mom because she always kept me professional and instilled the value of working to excellence,” recalls Angie. “She is someone who has been a mentor to me and someone that I have always looked up to—she is my ICON.”


The value that Angie places on what she has learned from others, her strong inner-compass and her approach to life, makes her advice to young, aspiring women all the more impactful. ” I honestly think that the thing that holds most young women back is the way that they speak to themselves. They should always talk to themselves as if they were speaking to a young girl that they care about. For example, you would never tell a young girl that she looks fat today or that you don’t believe in her idea, so you should never say that to yourself. I believe that self-talk is such a huge part of success and how a person projects themselves to the world.”

Angie’s Top 3 Makeup Tips:

  1.  Avoid powder – it makes your skin look dryer which makes you look older
  2.  Always wear bronzer – it gives you that healthy glow, makes your teeth look whiter and your eyes brighter
  3.  Always wear lipstick – it instantly makes you look polished and ready to go

What’s on Angie’s Bucket List?

  1. I want to go to Italy, as I have never been out of North America
  2. I am writing a book that about sexual polarity (why people are attracted to the people they are and what keeps people attracted to those people) and hope to finish it by the end of 2019
  3. I am expanding my mobile division, called Your Be.You.Tee Call, where the team of hairstylists, makeup artists and aestheticians go out to weddings or special events
  4. I am in the process of creating an online makeup school, so despite time and geographical limitations, everyone can become a certified makeup artist

Shop Angie’s Glam-Rock ‘N’ Roll Personal Style


Peter Nygård – Iconic Embroidered Beaded Velvet Jacket
Peter Nygård –  Lurex Blend Sweater
NYGÅRD SLIMS – Luxe Denim Slims Jeggings




Co-founder and Design Diva, Amanda Buhse is lighting up the design and decor market with design conscious candles that are expertly crafted and cleverly named. With an emphasis on local, she and her business partner, Tom Jansen, have reached an international audience.



I meet Amanda on a cool and grey day in the lobby of NYGÅRD’s newly renovated head office in Winnipeg and her presence and smile instantly light up (pun intended!) the room. She is delighted to be back at the company where she used to work, and a bit overwhelmed with the brand new lobby and its interactive museum that highlights the brand’s accomplishments over the last five decades and houses the new 50th Anniversary ICONIC Collection.

Amanda Buhse is the co-founder of Coal and Canary, a vibrant local candle empire that she and her business partner, Tom Jansen, started just a mere four years ago, over a glass of wine. She has used her marketing and business acumen to help take it from a humble 150 sq ft office space to international acclaim by getting into the swag bags of the Oscars, Grammys and Golden Globes, a new retail storefront and shelf presence in 250 shops across Canada and the US.

This trajectory is similar to that of Peter Nygård’s. In fact, Amanda credits part of Coal and Canary’s success to what she learned about business during her time in the marketing department at NYGÅRD. “What I learned has been pivotal to our success—knowledge from supervisors, how to lead a team and how to work with a team towards a common goal, are skills that I use in my day-to-day business at Coal and Canary,” states Buhse. “There is no difference between selling clothes and selling candles because at the root of it you are selling a product.” She credits the other part of her business success to having goals, being really ambitious and being fearless.


“I am lucky to have such strong and positive motherly figures in my life to lead the way for me.”


When I ask her who her ICONS are, her eyes spark and without hesitation, she tells me about her role models. “I am inspired by my mother who has been an incredible force in my life and an amazing role model and by my grandmother who worked tirelessly her whole life to achieve her goals and get to where she is today,’ she says. “I am lucky to have such strong and positive motherly figures in my life to lead the way for me.”

Buhse’s passion for the icons in her life comes full-circle with the ICONIC Collection. Their strong influence is exactly what is behind the collection – it shows how women and how women’s fashion have evolved and is a testament to the confidence, boldness and strength of the modern woman. “I love how the collection has taken great pieces and tweaked them to meet the demands of the modern-day woman who isn’t afraid to let her clothes speak for her,” muses Amanda. Buhse’s personal style is Rocker-Chic mixed with sassy and bold, so she loves the metallic Lamé Trench Coat because it’s fun, bold and would turn a lot of heads!

As an entrepreneur and as a woman with a strong voice, Amanda is a champion of the power of self-belief. Her own success is a product of it, and she truly believes that “You can’t be afraid of being your true self and letting that shine…everything that we do in our company is about being unique, being bold, being confident and showing it to the world. So, whether you are putting on a beautiful Peter Nygård trench coat or lighting a Coal and Canary candle, you feel confident in yourself,” this is the story that Buhse wants to tell.

In the light of the #MeToo movement and the current stream of rhetoric, Amanda’s advice for young women is to: “Know your value, know your worth and stand up for that—own your beliefs.” She admits to having “FOMO” syndrome (Fear of Missing Out) so that fuels her desires to get out there and do stuff. Right now, her bucket list consists of travelling the world and expanding her business. So, if you are wondering what’s coming next for Coal and Canary, it has everything to do with perfume—stay tuned.


Shop Amanda’s Rocker-Chic Personal Style



NYGÅRD SLIMS – Lace-Up Mixed Media Blouse
NYGÅRD SLIMS -Luxe Denim Slims Jeggings
Peter Nygård – Lamé Trench Coat



BLOGGER | PegCityLovely.com

Blogger, Mom and HR Queen, Natalie Bell lives her passion every day by writing about the people and things that inspire her and by drawing a spotlight on everything local in her hometown of Winnipeg.



Natalie Bell started her blog, PegCityLovely, in 2012 while on maternity leave with her third child. A self-confessed techie-nerd, she already had an active Twitter following with whom she was constantly connecting and having conversations with. But, it was during this time that she decided to take the leap and start a blog of her own. “I thought if there was any time in the world, what better time than on mat leave to go for it and join the ranks of other big bloggers,” she recalls.

PegCityLovely started off as a “traditional” Mommy blog on Twitter, but six years later it has grown into Bell’s personal brand with a dedicated blog and social media accounts across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and of course, Twitter. Every day, followers can be a part of Natalie’s morning commute to work and experience her day-to-day living through her Instagram Stories and her daily posts on life, food, family and local Winnipeg. Natalie’s mission is to foster positive, authentic conversations through storytelling. “I think showing people what I do, living my life with its various challenges and sharing real yet positive conversations every day is what people gravitate towards and why they relate to my posts,” says Bell.


“My mom was the pillar of generosity, caring and strength,
so she is my number one icon.”


So, who inspires Bell? Being a natural people person, it is ordinary people who inspire her—people living their daily life, who are digging in and simply living their passions. This is Bell’s foundation and what fuels her attitude and character. Having revealed her penchant for people, it is no surprise that Natalie’s ICON is her late mom, Maureen, who passed away five years ago from breast cancer, at the age of 57. “My mom was the pillar of generosity, caring and strength, so she is my number one icon,” says Bell. “Other icons include Oprah, Michelle Obama, and tons of Accomplished Canadian Black Women who I aspire to be.” 

The Iconic Collection (#ICONIC50) represents the future of the NYGÅRD brand by celebrating women, so it’s no surprise that the collection resonates with Natalie. She loves that it has the ability to transcend generations. It reminds her of her mom and her grandma, who always had TanJay or Alia pieces in their wardrobes. Even her dad worked for NYGÅRD in the 70’s and met Peter, so NYGÅRD has always been a part of her life. If her mom was alive today, she would love the Viscose & Lace Top with the Midi Pleated Skirt, Natalie on the other hand, loves the Lurex Blend Sweater and the Velvet Leggings.

It makes sense that Natalie’s breadth of inspiration expands to fill the stories that she tells. Her posts are uplifting, honest and motivating. Negativity is banished because she wants to dwell in positive energy and tell the stories that are real life, what’s happening today and what matters to real people because that is what people relate to. And, what advice does Natalie have for aspiring young women? “It’s so simple and can make an incredible difference in your life—Just Do You. We are surrounded by so many things and people that we think we need to be or do, but if you just do you and be who you are, you will find your own personal success.”

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Peter Nygård – Lurex Blend Sweater
Peter Nygård – Velvet Leggings
Peter Nygård –  Beaded Velvet Jacket

Stylish staff: meet Aude

Stylish staff: meet Aude

Tell us a little about yourself…

I was born near the outskirts of Paris, in Neuilly sur Seine. I studied in France and Canada and I have a masters in project management. My first job in the industry was as a sales associate in a retail store. Fast forward to 2017…I’ve been working at Nygard here in Winnipeg for almost 11 years!

Your role at Nygard…

I started out as a business analyst and I’m now a project manager within the IT department. I love working on several different projects at once; it inspires me and every day presents a new challenge. An example of one of my most recent projects? I helped manage the implementation of our new e-commerce site.

Describe your personal style…

I’m certainly not a girly-girl, that’s for sure. I prefer more androgynous looks and fitted silhouettes. My friends would describe my style as being a mix of classic and rock-inspired. I love mixing different trends together and seeing what works…a tailored blazer with relaxed jeans for example, that’s my style.

Who is your celebrity style crush?

I don’t follow celebrity trends religiously, but I do admire Ruby Rose’s unique sense of style. She manages to make anything look effortlessly cool with a tough and edgy finish.

What is your go-to item in your wardrobe?

Can I pick two?? A well-cut blazer and heels (black – of course!)

If you could only wear 5 pieces for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

A simple T-shirt, distressed jeans, a leather jacket, heels and boots.

What has been your career highlight so far here at Nygard?

I wouldn’t say I have a specific moment that outshines the rest, but I’m incredibly proud to be able to say I contribute to the business every day and help it grow. Giving a helping hand to other departments is also really rewarding.

Describe your perfect Friday night…

Enjoying live music with rum and good friends!

Tell us why you chose this outfit for your shoot…

I feel like me in this outfit. It reflects my personality and these Peter Nygard Jeans are so comfortable. They’re made with our signature Luxe Denim fabric with the addition of a fly front.

What’s in your Nygard shopping cart ?

The classic Luxe ponte legging and anything from the Peter Nygard Jeans label is a winner if you ask me. I’ve definitely got my eye on the frayed skinny jeans!

Aude is wearing our Faux Suede Moto Jacket and Peter Nygard Jeans.


Become an independent stylist: Nygard Style Direct invites you to learn more

Become an independent stylist: Nygard Style Direct invites you to learn more

Love Nygard fashions? Turn your passion for fashion into a rewarding business.

Join the hundreds of women across North America who are now running their very own fashion business from the comfort of home thanks to Nygard Style Direct.

Nygard Style Direct is our direct selling business that is all about empowering women. Giving women the freedom to be their own bosses, to live the life they’ve always dreamed of and to have a whole lot of fun in the process.

Our first $1 million team!

What’s involved?

As an independent stylist, you’ll run your own business, set your schedule, earn an income, and best of all, help other women look and feel beautiful. You decide how much time you want to invest into your new fashion adventure. Whether you want to work part-time, full-time (or maybe even hit the big time!), you’ll have a whole host of resources and a loyal bunch of style-savvy ladies behind you every step of the way.

This isn’t just any old home selling business. Nygard is an internationally recognized brand, with real selling power. Our stylists and their customers LOVE our product. So much so that we just had our first team of stylists reach $1 million in sales in their first year! Trust us, this is an opportunity you’re not going to want to pass up.

Don’t miss out…

Does this sound like something you and your friends might be interested in?

Nygard Style Direct invites you to its Winnipeg headquarters at 1771 Inkster Blvd on Saturday September 16th from 11am-1pm find out more about how to become an independent Stylist with Nygard Style Direct and start fashioning the future of your dreams.

Sign up HERE to confirm your attendance!

Can’t make the event? Contact us at nygardstyle.com or via our Facebook page and we will be happy to help you discover your fashionable future.


Fashion designer Q&A with Stephanie

Fashion designer Q&A with Stephanie

Winnipeg-based Stephanie C is our head designer for the SLIMS brand here at Nygard International. Born in Winnipeg, she studied Fashion Merchandising & Marketing at the International Academy of Design & Technology in Toronto and has never looked back. These days, she can be found researching trends, creating new styles or engineering garment fits. Today, we get a sneak peek into what makes a fashion designer tick and discover what it’s like to be helping design collections that are worn by women all over the world.

What made you choose a career in fashion?

Since I can remember I’ve always loved fashion – dressing up dolls in clothes and making my own style. I really enjoyed working in retail as my first job so I knew it was right to pursue my career in the fashion industry. Working for Nygard was my first job after Fashion School. I started as a tech merch and 8 years later I am managing the design and merchandise team for SLIMS with the amazing opportunity of working directly with Mr. Nygard.

Describe your typical work day…

There is no such thing as typical day in fashion. One day we’re designing new collections and brainstorming ideas and the next day we’re fitting garments to approve for production. Multi-tasking is key every day in this job.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the latest SLIMS collection…

Mr. Nygard is the genius behind the SLIMS brand, designing pants that make women look & feel amazing. It all starts with the fabric which is engineered down to the yarn – it’s all science when it comes to fabric and finding the best quality. The fit is really what I have learned is key…I personally try on every single SLIM designed to ensure the fit is made perfect to the curves that all of us women have, and should embrace!

How has that inspiration influenced your most recent designs?

The inspiration of listening to women and the customer’s needs and wants is really what influences our next designs. Designing isn’t just about picking pretty things. It’s all about the end consumer and making sure we are giving her what she wants so she keeps coming back.

Can you shed some light on your creative processes?

Creating product is about being innovative; finding the next best fabric or the newest style detail that the customers don’t have yet. We travel all around the world, from China to Vietnam, India and Jordan in order to find & create the newest fabrics which starts the process. Once we have the fabric, we can engineer the fit to the body and the style details are the added cherry on the top to bring it all to life.

What are you most proud of achieving here at Nygard?

Making a great product & working as a team is the most rewarding. There’s so much hard work that goes into every design which couldn’t be done without the contribution from every team member, and seeing the sales at the end of the day makes all that work worth it.

What do you find most challenging about being a fashion designer?

Taking risks is the most challenging. The fashion business is very unpredictable and the consumer is constantly changing so you need to keep up with her and show her what the new must-have item is that she needs in her wardrobe. Mr. Nygard always says “if it’s easy to design it’s hard to sell, but if it’s hard to design it’s easy to sell.” We take risks to have the most innovative designs.

Can you give our readers some insider info on next season’s trends?

It’s all about head-to-toe dressing. Taking beautiful prints and using them from top to bottom. Printed SLIMS are so fresh and fun and we’re designing tops to style with every single one so each woman has a complete outfit to make it easy for her to shop.

What are your staple items in your wardrobe?

I can’t go anywhere without a pair of black Luxe leggings and a pair of dark indigo Luxe Denim Jeggings – those are my staple bottoms that can be worn with everything.

Who is your celebrity style crush?

Blake Lively is my personal style inspiration – always so put together with a polished and feminine look but with an easy vibe that never looks over done.

Which one piece of advice would you give to those wanting to get into fashion design?

Don’t just be a fashion designer…be a merchandiser, a planner, a fit specialist, business savvy, and a team player. Being well rounded in the fashion business will open the door to many more opportunities to take you further in your career. And lastly, work hard and never give up!

Stephanie’s beaded jacket is coming soon to Nygard.