Our Favourite Things Holiday List

Our Favourite Things Holiday List

It’s the holiday season and with it brings a whirlwind of things to do, like shopping for the perfect presents, entertaining family and friends, office arties, baking and general running around getting last minute errands done. 

To help make your life a little less stressful, I have put together Our Favourite Things Holiday List from the Holiday Gift Guide so you can find the perfect presents for everyone on your list…and maybe even treat yourself too.

Check out our Holiday Gift Guide Here and find all of our favourite things below:

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Everything you Need To Know About Wearing Petite Sizes: Your Ultimate Guide

Everything you Need To Know About Wearing Petite Sizes: Your Ultimate Guide

Finding clothes that fit properly when you are 5’4″ and under can be a challenge, at the best of times. But, what if you are over 5’4″ or have long legs but short arms or maybe even a short torso or just don’t think that you match the traditional petite category parameters? If you fit any of these combinations and shopping for clothes is a ‘Bush-Tucker Trial”, then make the NYGÅRD Petite Collections from TanJayAlia and Slims your new best friend. Knowing what styles and trends to wear that suit your height, shape and weight is the key to looking your sartorial best.

Top Styling Tips For Petite Women

  • Cinch in that waist
  • Tuck in shirts and tops to show off your waist
  • Wear short skirts (Stay clear of midi skirts) with pointed toe boots or shoes
  • Fitted, cropped jeans are your friend
  • If you are busty, try an empire waist, fitted top and a Hi-Lo hemline
  • Wear high-waisted pants
  • Put a tailor on speed-dial
  • Don’t layer – go for one statement over-sized piece
  • Low heels are just as good as high heels
  • Streamline your silhouette
  • Match your tights to your shoes to lengthen your legs
  • Avoid over-sized bags, try a mini shoulder bag or backpack instead


So, how do you know if you need a petite size?

Here at NYGÅRD, the petite customer is 5’4″ and under. If this is you, then you can safely assume that you will take a petite fit. However, if you have long legs but a short torso, then buy a petite size on top and a regular size on the bottom (and vice versa.) It’s really all about mixing and matching pieces to work with your measurements and proportions! This even works if you are tall but want a shorter length pant, then you may want to try a petite size so that it falls at the right part of your ankle or if you want a cropped blazer effect, then maybe the petite size will give you that look.

The best-kept secret to determine if you need a petite or regular size (as boring as it sounds) is to check the size chart for each item. The link for the size chart is found on the right-hand side of the product page, just under & to the right of the available sizes.  I have included it below for handy reference.


NYGÅRD is obsessed with fit, so petite measurements are kept as consistent as possible across all styles and brands. Typically, tops are 1 inch shorter in length than a regular fit, in the torso, waist and sleeves but sometimes the difference in torso length depends on the fabric and print. For example, if a specific print needs to fall at bust level, then the length of the body may need to be shortened or lengthened slightly to accommodate this factor.

For petite bottoms, the inseam (leg length) is 1-2 inches shorter than a regular fit, depending on the fabric and style. The crotch length will also be shorter to accommodate a shorter body. There is also more forgiveness in leg lengths with looser styles and less forgiveness in more structured styles such as an ankle pant which is generally 1.5 inches shorter than a regular fit. 

“Top Tips to follow when buying a garment is to refer to the size chart.

Bring out your tape measure and follow the recommended measurements as closely as possible, then compare them to your own body measurements. Do NOT rely on your size from another brand as every brand uses different sizing. If you fall between sizes, then take the larger size and have it tailored to fit you exactly. Remember, you can always take something in if there is extra fabric.”

Anna Owczarek, merchandise marketing coordinator, NYGÅRD International

To help you create amazing outfits that fit your shape and style, I have put together the Ultimate Guide of the Best Petite Pieces you need in your wardrobe:


Get the Look @ NYGÅRD

Source: extrapetite.com


Get the Look @ NYGÅRD

Source: greceghanem/instagram


Get the Look @ NYGÅRD

Source: hairstyleonpoint.com

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I hope you enjoyed this post, let us know if you have any other petite styling tips!

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Wear It This Weekend: Winter Pastels

Wear It This Weekend: Winter Pastels

Imagine Wearing Pastels This Weekend. You Might Think That Pastels Are Only For The Summer Months, But By Injecting These Chalky Hues Into Your Winter Wardrobe, You Can Say, “Goodbye Winter Blues” and ‘Hello Sunshine.”

Winter Pastels have been trending on the runways of fashion month for the last few seasons, and this winter is no exception. So, why not incorporate them into your own personal runway? Instead of instinctively going for black, burgundy or grey as standard go-to pieces for styling your outfit every morning, jump outside the box with a pallet of sorbet pinks, baby blues, buttery yellows, wintery whites, moody mauves and sherbet mints. These shades not only flatter every skin tone, but they also brighten your mood and lift your spirits. And really, who doesn’t need a little boost to help get through the cold temps, dark mornings and even darker nights of a Northern Hemisphere country?

If the idea of where to start fills you with fear, look no further than the Alia and TanJay collections for inspiration. Right now, they are brimming with sweaters, tops and trousers in shades of sweets and macarons.

You can approach winter pastels in two ways:

Layer up in head-to-toe pastels

Tread softly with ONE statement pastel piece

The easiest way to start injecting pastels into your wardrobe is to pair a statement piece, such as a sweater, with a staple black or grey pant to ground your outfit. Then, add in another colour (either another pastel or black) in the form of a coat, boots, handbag or woolly toque & mitts.  Finally, add some texture like leather, faux fur or sequins. Keep your outfit to 3 colours and you can’t go wrong! 

I have chalked up all the BEST winter pastels on the website, so you don’t have to search for them. Check out my edit and get some inspiration on how to mix and match your NYGÅRD winter pastels. Plus, watch our Winter Pastels video HERE.


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Check Mate: The Best Plaids To Wear All Week

Check Mate: The Best Plaids To Wear All Week

Make checks, plaids and houndstooth your wardrobe BFF to get you through the transition from fall to winter. Mix these updated classics with either go-to staples or one-off trendy pieces to shake up your weekday and even your weekend wardrobe with fresh looks that will take you from the boardroom to brunch.

It’s the beginning of the week and the beginning of winter and, if you are already experiencing outfit-fatigue, then make Plaid your new BFF.  This fabric is classic for a reason and like a BFF, it’s there for you in good times and in bad. So, send out your NYGÅRD plaid friend request and get ready to expand your wardrobe possibilities.

Plaid has been around for centuries, dating back to the Scots who used plaids or “tartans” to identify the various Scottish family clans. Each tartan had specific colours and patterns and the fabric was traditionally used as heavy travelling cloaks to keep out the damp and bitter cold of the Scottish Highlands, but as trade routes opened up and the industrial revolution expanded fabric production, plaid made its way to Britain and America.

This expansion led to the democratization of plaid, where colours and patterns are open to everyone. And while plaids and checks have had peaks and valleys in the fashion world, a classic never goes out of style. 

Plaids, checks and even houndstooth have gone from being associated with traditional, stuffy styles that your gran would wear to being the hipster global dress code.

Luckily for us, office dress codes have eased up in recent years, so it’s much easier to blend corporate with casual and inject both colours and patterns in unexpected combinations. So go for head-to-toe checks but mix it with the latest chunky sneakers, irreverent faux fur loafers or even that brightly hued sweater. And, for more relaxed street-styling on the weekend, layer up with a plaid trench coat, heels and maybe that embellished Hobo bag.

Be right on trend by mixing and matching NYGÅRD’s plaid collections from TanJay, Alia and NYGÅRD SLIMS.

And, to make it super easy and time efficient for you, I have rounded up the best checks to get you straight from Monday to Sunday. It’s a small nod to the past with 7 Days of Checks and one giant leap for plaid-kind.








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8 Of The Best New Arrivals

8 Of The Best New Arrivals

We love new stuff, so why not refresh your wardrobe with new styles from Alia N TanJay, hot off the press?

We’ve picked the best of our latest new arrivals, so you can save time and look great.


Comfort and style are the Alia ethos and these sweaters, quilted vest and check shirt are classic pieces that work double-duty to keep you looking on trend and ready for any occasion. Wear them during the day with denim and ankle boots for a relaxed look or dress them up with tailored pants for a polished look. The sequin quilted vest comes in three soft winter pastel colours, so you will never run out of options. Simply layer it over your favourite sweater, Tee or shirt and you will sparkle with style. The plaid stretch shirt is an update of the classic check shirt and a must-have for any closet. Pair it with the Flower Embroidered Jean for added detail. And, last but not least, you can never go wrong with a sweater—both these styles offer a refined yet relaxed silhouette that will keep you looking warm and chic.

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Discover the collection of product, videos, images and blog posts from inside the world of  NYGÅRD.COM. Share our stories and never miss a trend.


Think TanJay, think chic style for day or night, work or play. These new arrivals will amp up your style-cred and make you the envy of your friends and colleagues. Not only do these new styles mix with each other for a capsule wardrobe, but they are also easy to mix into your existing wardrobe NOW to give you great style mileage through the winter months. Cobalt florals are a wonderful fall/winter colour combination to match with black, navy and grey. You can’t go wrong with checks and this cardigan with faux leather trim is smart enough for the office and relaxed enough for Sunday afternoon book reading. And finally, take a classic black trouser and add leather trim to bring your look to the next level.  

Mix and match these new arrivals to take advantage of maximum styling with minimum effort. And, if you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment in the box below. We like to hear from you!

Duty Calls: The Best Boss-Inspired Work Wear Edit

Duty Calls: The Best Boss-Inspired Work Wear Edit

Have you ever uttered the words, “What am I going to wear to work today?” If so, then you need my Best Boss-Inspired Work Wear Edit at your disposal. Whether you work in an office, at home, from the coffee shop, or from literally anywhere in the world, what to wear to work day-in and day-out can sometimes be a challenge. Our lives are busier than ever, so rummaging in our wardrobes every morning for the perfect outfit can either make or break the day.

It doesn’t matter if you have an entry-level position or are the CEO, the old saying, ‘Dress For The Position You Want, Not The One You Have’ rings truer than ever in today’s competitive workplace and social media stratosphere. Even if you don’t think clothes matter that much, know that first impressions do matter and that what you wear ties into this. The forbes.com article, Is Your Work Attire Making The Right Impression At Your New Job, makes the case that, “If you continually wear clothes that aren’t a fit with what your work culture considers acceptable, it can and will work against you in a serious way.” The author, Kathy Caprino states, “…the reality is that we are still judged by things other than our skills and experience.”

In my personal experience, I can honestly say that what you wear to work, definitely impacts your credibility and how others perceive you. Even if their perception is dead wrong, it is almost impossible to change their view, once it has been formed. So, with this in mind, having a carefree modern and stylish look that also reflects your personality can work to your advantage.

Don’t leave looking like the best-dressed boss of your own personal brand to chance, instead invest in a small capsule wardrobe that you can mix and match to suit your career, personality and lifestyle. Why not get the promotion you deserve?

So, regardless of the industry, you work in—Imagine looking effortlessly stylish, polished and ready for success every day? Here’s how to do it at Nygård:

The Celebrity 

If your work requires a more formal approach or if you are the spokesperson for your company, you can still keep it fresh and not stuffy by pairing together simple classic pieces. The key here is to keep the lines clean and to mix in an unexpected colour on one piece. Try a vintage or patterned scarf.

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Get the Look @Nygård:


TanJay – Mock Neck Short Sleeve Sweater Top – $35.00 
Peter Nygård – Midi Pleated Skirt – $85.00
Peter Nygård – Rose jacquard Coat – $89.00
Bianca Nygård – 2 Tone Tote – $100.00

The Politico

Politics is one very hot topic these days but if you work in this field, now more than ever, you need to stay relevant to the communities you represent. So, take style tips from politicians like Chrystia Freeland or America’s Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Keep it young, fresh and on-trend.

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Get the Look @Nygård:

TanJay – Abstract Print Fit and Flare Dress – $69.00
TanJay – Notch Lapel One-Button Blazer – $79.00
TanJay – Oversized Bloom Oblong Scarf – $22.00
TanJay – Patent Medium Satchel – $90.00

The Editor 

If you work in a creative field, such as design, fashion or the arts, then you have creative licence to add colour, patterns, textures and asymmetric silhouettes to your daily look. This can be great, but it also adds pressure to look ultra cool and stylish. But, if you stick to a budget and create a signature style, then you will get it right every time. Think Jenna Lyons and her signature heavy rimmed eyeglasses or Anna Wintour’s signature coif and sunglasses.

Source: yandex.ru

Get the Look @Nygård:

Bianca Nygård – Ruffled Side Top – $59.00
NYGÅRD SLIMS – Peter Nygård Jeans Mid Rise True Skinny – $69.00
TanJay – Faux Snakeskin Moto jacket – $69.00
TanJay – Multi-Scale Houndstooth Oblong Scarf – $22.00

The Entrepreneur 

If you run your own business, then you are probably juggling several roles – CEO, marketer, shipping & receiving. So, you need clothes that are comfortable but also dressy enough to meet clients or for meetings on-the-go. Make your go-to item a  jacket, as it is versatile enough to take you from any scenario that pops up. If you want a look that’s a bit more tailored, then substitute the logo top for a classic white shirt.

Source: flickr.com

Get the Look @Nygård:

NYGÅRD SLIMS – Sequin Leopard Applique Tee – $49.00
Bianca Nygård – Tie Belt Straight Leg Pants – $69.00 
NYGÅRD SLIMS – Metallic Camo Print Blazer – $119.00
Bianca Nygård – Camo Tote With Micro Rhinestone Embellishment – $100.00

The Fitness Blogger 

If you are a personal trainer or have your own fitness & lifestyle blog, then you need clothes that look sporty but also professional. You may have to make adjustments in your attire quickly, that can range from travelling to meet a client to teaching a class, so look for athleisure layers that take you from casual to dressy.

Source; pexels.com

Get the Look @Nygård:

NYGÅRD SLIMS – Hot Fix Tank – $39.00 
NYGÅRD SLIMS – Performance Legging – $59.00
TanJay – Marled Knit Cascade Cardigan – $65.00
Bianca Nygård – Camo Studded Backpack – $100.00

The Coder 

Computer programming has long been dominated by men, but luckily that is changing. More women are entering the field, and the World Economic Forum states that recent research suggests that women write better code than their male counterparts. So, if you are in this field, it is important to stand out to your bosses and rise to the top. Invest in smart business pieces that you can put on rotation to help you get it consistently right.

Source: pexels.com

Get the Look @Nygård:

NYGÅRD SLIMS – Pleated Chiffon Ruffle Trim Top – $69.00
NYGÅRD SLIMS – Luxe C4J Plaid Piped Jeggings – $89.00
TanJay – Mixed Media Pleated Chiffon Duster Cardigan – $59.00
Bianca Nygård – Mini Rhinestone Embellished Hobo – $100.00

I hope this article of the best workwear edit has given you some inspiration and valuable advice on how to look fabulously stylish at work and stand out from the crowd. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below and if you liked this post, then scroll down to the bottom and click subscribe to get our latest blog updates.

Until next time…