From Desk to Dinner: How to Make your Outfits Work Double Duty

From Desk to Dinner: How to Make your Outfits Work Double Duty

If you’re like us, then you’ll want to maximize your wardrobe without carrying the whole darn thing around with you. Knowing how to take your outfit from desk to dinner will make your clothes work double-duty so you can work once while leaving your clothes to work the late shift.  We all have super busy lives, so whether you’ve had plans for weeks or it’s all last minute, we have the simple styling tricks that you NEED to know to look chic after clocking out. NYGÅRD’s selection of brands are bursting with plenty of new arrivals and a vast array of on-duty and off-duty looks.

Your 3 Essential Styling Tips


1.  Get Down to Basics

Everything starts with a great capsule wardrobe that has 8-10 basic staple pieces. Make this a combination of tops, pants and dresses that have simple design details and a fairly fitted silhouette. Staple pieces like a sleeveless top, slim black ankle pants, skinny jeans and a classic LBD (little black dress) are your BFFs! Textures, such as faux leather, knits and embellishment also work well in the transition from day to night. Be sure these items are comfortable and easy to care for.

2.  Make it Office-Appropriate

Once you have your basic foundation sorted, it’s time to add a layer to make it suitable for the office. This is where you can match your look to the office culture and environment. Add a blazer jacket, which can be formal if you work in a law office or much more relaxed if you work in media, a cardigan (choose something formal or relaxed) and then finish it off with an office-appropriate handbag & shoes.

3.  Pack Your Evening Essentials

Like any great traveller, the number one rule to follow is to pack light! This means having an essentials checklist and packing smartly. Just bring just one extra bag with you, such as a cloth tote or book bag, then add the specific pieces you will need.


Here is your Essentials Checklist:

  • Statement Necklace

    A stand-out necklace is a quick and easy way to add evening chic to your outfit. Make it silver, gold or embellished with diamanté for impact.

  • Earrings

    This is another easy way to elevate your after-hours look. Earrings are small so they won’t take up any space in your bag but will instantly transform your outfit. Simply pop your earrings and necklace in a small soft cloth jewellery bag with a drawstring that won’t take up too much space.

  • Clutch Bag or Small Camera Bag

    A small clutch bag is easy to stow and a must-have for the evening. I prefer a soft envelope style that you can throw into your day handbag or into your essentials tote bag. Again, it’s light-weight and won’t take up too much space. Go for one that has some statement embellishment or a pop of colour. 

  • Lipstick

    Always a classic and compact to carry. Make yours an iconic shade of red or try a fuchsia or a more coral/orange matted hue.

  • Evening Heels

Heels, either closed or open toe, make all the difference when it comes to an evening look. Find a height that works for you and that is relatively comfortable—I know this can be a challenge, but gel insoles also help!) They don’t have to be sky-high stilettos to work—look for colour, texture or detail. I suggest keeping a pair at your desk so you will always have something on standby and will avoid having to tote them back and forth.

These are relatively easy to roll up and fit into your essentials bag.  Textured fabric with a sheen, pleats or a pattern will instantly take your look from day to night.

This is another must-have essential for your evening kit. In some cases, your workplace will allow you to wear such an item but if not, wear the bulkier motorcycle or printed jacket to work and pack a more office-appropriate jacket that you will wear in the day. Then change once you get into work—this one is a little more cumbersome but well worth it in the long run.

And, this is how you make your wardrobe work double duty! I hope you found these tips helpful—if you have any other tips on how you go from desk to dinner, please do let us know in the comments below.

How to Wear the New Spring Trends for 2019

How to Wear the New Spring Trends for 2019

With spring finally, insight, we can now shift our focus from surviving winter to what we will be wearing to energize our soul, feel confident and look amazing. Hooray! Now is the time to start Marie Kondo’ing your wardrobes—keep the items that spark joy and donate or hand-down the ones that don’t.  This will allow you to update your closet with new spring trends that bloom into fresh and effortless outfits for 24/7 style. 

Four of the top trends for spring 2019 are:

  1. Not So Boring Beige
  2. Luxurious Lace
  3. Fresh Floral Prints
  4. Bleach Out

How to Wear the Trends



Beige is definitely NOT boring! Seen on all the spring/summer catwalks, beige held it’s own as a sophisticated and subtle style icon. It’s a versatile neutral shade and one that you must wear this spring from head-to-toe for maximum impact. Mix it with varying shades of off-white, oatmeal, camel and white, of course, and also with different textures, such as twill, mesh, chiffon, fringes, pleats and knitted fabrics to increase its luxurious look.  To finish off your look, add in a neutral handbag, heels or even some white sneakers—the styling possibilities are endless.


Lace is always a classic look but this season, it’s not just for the evening. It’s been updated & reworked for the day to break all the rules! So, you’ll find it printed, inserted into yokes, used in denim and even as a turquoise cardigan. The best way to wear it is to mix it with basic staples, textures and masculine designs details to offset its feminine qualities. Match yours with dress pants for work and more formal occasions or pair it with denim and a T-shirt for a relaxed vibe.



Floral prints are blooming for spring! Feel to clash your colours and prints for a fresh take on the trend. You can go subtle with just one floral print or go for bold with a mixed print that incorporates flowers, stripes and nautical themes. Again, you can dress these up for the office with dress pants, midi-skirts and heels or pair them with coloured or white denim and flats for a carefree, modern twist.



Bleached out denim is BACK…OK, that ’80s trend never really went away! So, why not embrace what’s new again and go for bleached, acid wash and distressed options of jeans, jeggings and capris. It’s a strong but relaxed look that says, “Viva spring/summer.” This trend is best mixed with whites or pastels for chic street style looks. 


Here’s how to wear these 4 spring trends that are easy to mix & match with your existing wardrobe and that will give you standout style for any occasion. And, if you want more information on the art of organizing your wardrobe the Marie Kondo way, click here.







I hope this post helps you know how to wear the latest trends for spring and gives you some ideas for mixing them into your current wardrobe. Let me know if you have any questions. Leave your comments below and be sure to subscribe to the blog for the latest updates!

The Must-Have Black & White Classics That Are Always In Style

The Must-Have Black & White Classics That Are Always In Style

February is Fashion Month and right now the who’s who of the fashion industry is gathered in Paris (the last stop of the tour) for the final days of fashion shows. And, with Paris as a backdrop, knowing the latest Must-Have classic black & white pieces that will instantly give your wardrobe a boost, is your hidden super-power! Non?

Classic is synonymous with style, and Coco Chanel’s famous quote, ‘Fashion changes, but style endures,” still rings true today. So, if you strategically stock your wardrobe with classic pieces, such as tops, pants, lace and jackets, you will forever be in style. And, once you have these fabulous staple pieces, you can add seasonal trendy items that are bold or whimsical. This combination will allow you to be prepared for any occasion, any season.



The new TanJay Black & White Collection is jam-packed full of pieces that can be dressed up or down. The calibre of the collection makes it easy to look chic from dawn to dusk—simply, select one piece from your wardrobe and build the rest of your look around it. For example, take the classic black jacket with piping (make this your hero piece) and then add a white top or crisp shirt. If you want to take it up a notch, add a patterned top that’s bold and bright, a textured/patterned scarf, or even an elegant brooch. Finish off your outfit with black dress pants for a tailored look or add a straight leg or skinny indigo jeans, a narrow belt, handbag and heels (or flats too!), for a polished but more relaxed look. Keeping the individual pieces simple is a great guideline to follow, and if you are feeling more adventurous, know that texture and print are your best friends.


  1. Black Blazer Jacket
  2. White shirt
  3. White Top
  4. Crew Neck Sweater
  5. Black Dress Pants
  6. Blue Jeans
  7. Midi Skirt
  8. Motorcycle Jacket
  9. Shoulder Handbag
  10. Flats or Low Heels

To find out more about Fashion Month CLICK HERE.


Let us know what your favourite classic pieces are, in the comments below. And, if you like this post, be sure to give it a like and subscribe to the blog to receive updates. 

These are the Best Pull-On Pants to Wear Right Now & Feel Great In

These are the Best Pull-On Pants to Wear Right Now & Feel Great In

It’s January, and the most comfortable way to deal with post-holiday indulgence is to celebrate the pull-on pant! Yes, this style of pant has been around for years and has evolved into a must-have wardrobe staple. So, whether you love leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans, or a classic dress trouser, you already know the benefits of comfort, ease and fashionability that an elastic waist has to offer. 

It’s funny, growing up, I distinctly remember my Mum’s (I use Mum instead of Mom because she was English and that was just how we wrote it!) stylish wardrobe and her affinity for wearing pull-on pants, some of them from NYGÅRD, and wondering why she wore them? This was back in the ‘70s and ’80s when I was just a kid, and the memory stands out because I was fascinated by the way the fabric crinkled over the elastic. But, thanks to the internet and the exponential growth of social media there has been a democratization of fashion where everyone has access to fashion and an influence over what they wear. Just think of all the celebrities and fashion bloggers, whose personal style and lifestyles, influence their followers and thus fashion brands too. This has resulted in the blurring of the lines between fashion for adults and youth, where comfort and lifestyle really dictate the design details of their clothes. Hooray, now everyone of all ages can enjoy the pull-on pant, and I realize that my Mum was really on to something—looking stylish and being comfortable, all while looking after seven children!

Ok, back to the pant at hand. You need look no further than NYGÅRD’s pull-on pants, that are available across the NYGÅRD SLIMS, Peter Nygård, Alia, TanJay and ADX brands and that offer a multitude of styles, leg silhouettes and fabrics. So, there is a style for everyone at every age.

To make it easy for you to shop for the style that suits you, I have rounded up the best pull-on pants that you need to be wearing right now. Make it one of your New Year’s resolutions to try our pull-on pants and never look back!

Here is your edit of the BEST PULL-ON PANTS to wear right now:




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The Best Christmas Day Outfits For Your Dress Code

The Best Christmas Day Outfits For Your Dress Code

Christmas day is usually a whirlwind of gifts, breakfast, food preparation and family management! What to wear shouldn’t add to the stress of the day, so whether you want to stay comfy cozy or get dressed up, we have scoured the site to bring you the best Christmas Day tops that you can mix with jeans, pants and skirts to match your dress code for the day.

We have something for everyone—so, go ahead and look your best!





Whatever your plans entail, we hope that you enjoy time with family and friends, and we wish you a fabulously stylish holiday!

Our Favourite Things Holiday List

Our Favourite Things Holiday List

It’s the holiday season and with it brings a whirlwind of things to do, like shopping for the perfect presents, entertaining family and friends, office arties, baking and general running around getting last minute errands done. 

To help make your life a little less stressful, I have put together Our Favourite Things Holiday List from the Holiday Gift Guide so you can find the perfect presents for everyone on your list…and maybe even treat yourself too.

Check out our Holiday Gift Guide Here and find all of our favourite things below:

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