These are the Best Pull-On Pants to Wear Right Now & Feel Great In

These are the Best Pull-On Pants to Wear Right Now & Feel Great In

It’s January, and the most comfortable way to deal with post-holiday indulgence is to celebrate the pull-on pant! Yes, this style of pant has been around for years and has evolved into a must-have wardrobe staple. So, whether you love leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans, or a classic dress trouser, you already know the benefits of comfort, ease and fashionability that an elastic waist has to offer. 

It’s funny, growing up, I distinctly remember my Mum’s (I use Mum instead of Mom because she was English and that was just how we wrote it!) stylish wardrobe and her affinity for wearing pull-on pants, some of them from NYGÅRD, and wondering why she wore them? This was back in the ‘70s and ’80s when I was just a kid, and the memory stands out because I was fascinated by the way the fabric crinkled over the elastic. But, thanks to the internet and the exponential growth of social media there has been a democratization of fashion where everyone has access to fashion and an influence over what they wear. Just think of all the celebrities and fashion bloggers, whose personal style and lifestyles, influence their followers and thus fashion brands too. This has resulted in the blurring of the lines between fashion for adults and youth, where comfort and lifestyle really dictate the design details of their clothes. Hooray, now everyone of all ages can enjoy the pull-on pant, and I realize that my Mum was really on to something—looking stylish and being comfortable, all while looking after seven children!

Ok, back to the pant at hand. You need look no further than NYGÅRD’s pull-on pants, that are available across the NYGÅRD SLIMS, Peter Nygård, Alia, TanJay and ADX brands and that offer a multitude of styles, leg silhouettes and fabrics. So, there is a style for everyone at every age.

To make it easy for you to shop for the style that suits you, I have rounded up the best pull-on pants that you need to be wearing right now. Make it one of your New Year’s resolutions to try our pull-on pants and never look back!

Here is your edit of the BEST PULL-ON PANTS to wear right now:




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The Best Christmas Day Outfits For Your Dress Code

The Best Christmas Day Outfits For Your Dress Code

Christmas day is usually a whirlwind of gifts, breakfast, food preparation and family management! What to wear shouldn’t add to the stress of the day, so whether you want to stay comfy cozy or get dressed up, we have scoured the site to bring you the best Christmas Day tops that you can mix with jeans, pants and skirts to match your dress code for the day.

We have something for everyone—so, go ahead and look your best!





Whatever your plans entail, we hope that you enjoy time with family and friends, and we wish you a fabulously stylish holiday!

Our Favourite Things Holiday List

Our Favourite Things Holiday List

It’s the holiday season and with it brings a whirlwind of things to do, like shopping for the perfect presents, entertaining family and friends, office arties, baking and general running around getting last minute errands done. 

To help make your life a little less stressful, I have put together Our Favourite Things Holiday List from the Holiday Gift Guide so you can find the perfect presents for everyone on your list…and maybe even treat yourself too.

Check out our Holiday Gift Guide Here and find all of our favourite things below:

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As an Indigenous woman entrepreneur, Angie Zachary has taken her passions and transformed them into a thriving full-service beauty bar and professional makeup artistry school. She tells us her Top 3 Makeup Tips, what drives her and how her passions have made The Be.You.Tee.Bar one of the best local beauty destinations and The Be.You.Tee Factory, the first professional makeup school in Winnipeg.



Angie Zachary has a quiet confidence that, as soon as you talk with her, starts to ignite your own confidence, without even realizing what is happening. It’s hard to put your finger on it exactly, but it’s her energy, sage advice and heck, even the sound of her voice that draws out this nuanced sense of positivity and self-confidence. Now, that is truly inspirational!

We meet on a Thursday afternoon at NYGÅRD HQ in Winnipeg, a place where she has been many times before, as a freelance makeup artist. This time, however, she has come full circle and is back in the place where it all began and where she learned the foundation of running a business—because as a freelance makeup artist you are a business of one. Angie started freelancing at NYGÅRD after working in the beauty and fashion industry for several years, and she credits NYGÅRD for giving her credibility as a makeup artist. “I always talk about NYGÅRD first because it is an internationally recognized brand,” she says. “When I was in New York, I saw my work on a billboard in Times Square.” It was here in Winnipeg that she honed her craft and learned the ropes of how to work on set, how to work for certain people and how to do high fashion “editorial” makeup.

Angie started her business, The Be.You.Tee Factory, in 2014 because she saw a gap in the market—if you wanted to be a professional makeup artist, you had to leave Winnipeg to go to school. She also has a passion for health and self-improvement, so she wanted to incorporate that aspect into the business, as well. So, since the school’s inception, she has helped over 200 women get their qualifications and open up their own freelance businesses. As a natural succession, Angie has expanded her brand to include The Be.You.Tee Bar, a full-service, state-of-the-art beauty bar on trendy Corydon Ave. Here, her team of 17 hairstylists, makeup artists and aestheticians offer luxury services for all guests. She decided to open the beauty bar because Winnipeg did not have a dedicated place for women to go for a blow-out or just get their makeup done. This is something that Angie loves to do whenever she travels, so she wanted women to be able to have the experience of making an ordinary day into a special occasion, right here in Winnipeg.

It is inspiring to see that Angie’s no-fail attitude comes from within and unsurprisingly, the main thing that drives her is freedom for women. Freedom from feeling insecure or frazzled before a special event—”That is the one thing I hold on to in life, it is my mission.” She is energized by people, as they inspire her to bring her A-game to the table every day—by learning new things, she can teach and inspire others. Celebs like the Kardashians and Jennifer Lopez also inspire her because they have taught people how to accept different body shapes and sizes and that everything they do is to an exceptional standard. It seems that some of Angie’s self-confidence comes from her icon, Linda Nelson. Linda, who also freelanced at NYGÅRD as a fashion stylist, has been a guiding force in Angie’s life since she was 12-years old. “I call Linda my work mom because she always kept me professional and instilled the value of working to excellence,” recalls Angie. “She is someone who has been a mentor to me and someone that I have always looked up to—she is my ICON.”

As far as personal style is concerned, Angie does not skip a beat when she lists off the four Must-Haves that her clothes need to possess: classic, glamour, rock ‘n’ roll and vintage, and this is why she LOVES the 50th Anniversary Iconic Collection. She is obsessed with the Iconic Embroidered Beaded Velvet Jacket because it embodies all of these things, “I think it is an awesome jacket and I absolutely love it,” she explains. ‘I love that everything in the Iconic collection is full of the details that I want and expect out of my clothing —I love Peter Nygård clothes.”

“I call Linda my work mom because she always kept me professional and instilled the value of working to excellence,” recalls Angie. “She is someone who has been a mentor to me and someone that I have always looked up to—she is my ICON.”


The value that Angie places on what she has learned from others, her strong inner-compass and her approach to life, makes her advice to young, aspiring women all the more impactful. ” I honestly think that the thing that holds most young women back is the way that they speak to themselves. They should always talk to themselves as if they were speaking to a young girl that they care about. For example, you would never tell a young girl that she looks fat today or that you don’t believe in her idea, so you should never say that to yourself. I believe that self-talk is such a huge part of success and how a person projects themselves to the world.”

Angie’s Top 3 Makeup Tips:

  1.  Avoid powder – it makes your skin look dryer which makes you look older
  2.  Always wear bronzer – it gives you that healthy glow, makes your teeth look whiter and your eyes brighter
  3.  Always wear lipstick – it instantly makes you look polished and ready to go

What’s on Angie’s Bucket List?

  1. I want to go to Italy, as I have never been out of North America
  2. I am writing a book that about sexual polarity (why people are attracted to the people they are and what keeps people attracted to those people) and hope to finish it by the end of 2019
  3. I am expanding my mobile division, called Your Be.You.Tee Call, where the team of hairstylists, makeup artists and aestheticians go out to weddings or special events
  4. I am in the process of creating an online makeup school, so despite time and geographical limitations, everyone can become a certified makeup artist

Shop Angie’s Glam-Rock ‘N’ Roll Personal Style


Peter Nygård – Iconic Embroidered Beaded Velvet Jacket
Peter Nygård –  Lurex Blend Sweater
NYGÅRD SLIMS – Luxe Denim Slims Jeggings

Everything you Need To Know About Wearing Petite Sizes: Your Ultimate Guide

Everything you Need To Know About Wearing Petite Sizes: Your Ultimate Guide

Finding clothes that fit properly when you are 5’4″ and under can be a challenge, at the best of times. But, what if you are over 5’4″ or have long legs but short arms or maybe even a short torso or just don’t think that you match the traditional petite category parameters? If you fit any of these combinations and shopping for clothes is a ‘Bush-Tucker Trial”, then make the NYGÅRD Petite Collections from TanJayAlia and Slims your new best friend. Knowing what styles and trends to wear that suit your height, shape and weight is the key to looking your sartorial best.

Top Styling Tips For Petite Women

  • Cinch in that waist
  • Tuck in shirts and tops to show off your waist
  • Wear short skirts (Stay clear of midi skirts) with pointed toe boots or shoes
  • Fitted, cropped jeans are your friend
  • If you are busty, try an empire waist, fitted top and a Hi-Lo hemline
  • Wear high-waisted pants
  • Put a tailor on speed-dial
  • Don’t layer – go for one statement over-sized piece
  • Low heels are just as good as high heels
  • Streamline your silhouette
  • Match your tights to your shoes to lengthen your legs
  • Avoid over-sized bags, try a mini shoulder bag or backpack instead


So, how do you know if you need a petite size?

Here at NYGÅRD, the petite customer is 5’4″ and under. If this is you, then you can safely assume that you will take a petite fit. However, if you have long legs but a short torso, then buy a petite size on top and a regular size on the bottom (and vice versa.) It’s really all about mixing and matching pieces to work with your measurements and proportions! This even works if you are tall but want a shorter length pant, then you may want to try a petite size so that it falls at the right part of your ankle or if you want a cropped blazer effect, then maybe the petite size will give you that look.

The best-kept secret to determine if you need a petite or regular size (as boring as it sounds) is to check the size chart for each item. The link for the size chart is found on the right-hand side of the product page, just under & to the right of the available sizes.  I have included it below for handy reference.


NYGÅRD is obsessed with fit, so petite measurements are kept as consistent as possible across all styles and brands. Typically, tops are 1 inch shorter in length than a regular fit, in the torso, waist and sleeves but sometimes the difference in torso length depends on the fabric and print. For example, if a specific print needs to fall at bust level, then the length of the body may need to be shortened or lengthened slightly to accommodate this factor.

For petite bottoms, the inseam (leg length) is 1-2 inches shorter than a regular fit, depending on the fabric and style. The crotch length will also be shorter to accommodate a shorter body. There is also more forgiveness in leg lengths with looser styles and less forgiveness in more structured styles such as an ankle pant which is generally 1.5 inches shorter than a regular fit. 

“Top Tips to follow when buying a garment is to refer to the size chart.

Bring out your tape measure and follow the recommended measurements as closely as possible, then compare them to your own body measurements. Do NOT rely on your size from another brand as every brand uses different sizing. If you fall between sizes, then take the larger size and have it tailored to fit you exactly. Remember, you can always take something in if there is extra fabric.”

Anna Owczarek, merchandise marketing coordinator, NYGÅRD International

To help you create amazing outfits that fit your shape and style, I have put together the Ultimate Guide of the Best Petite Pieces you need in your wardrobe:


Get the Look @ NYGÅRD



Get the Look @ NYGÅRD

Source: greceghanem/instagram


Get the Look @ NYGÅRD


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