Finding clothes that fit properly when you are 5’4″ and under can be a challenge, at the best of times. But, what if you are over 5’4″ or have long legs but short arms or maybe even a short torso or just don’t think that you match the traditional petite category parameters? If you fit any of these combinations and shopping for clothes is a ‘Bush-Tucker Trial”, then make the NYGÅRD Petite Collections from TanJayAlia and Slims your new best friend. Knowing what styles and trends to wear that suit your height, shape and weight is the key to looking your sartorial best.

Top Styling Tips For Petite Women

  • Cinch in that waist
  • Tuck in shirts and tops to show off your waist
  • Wear short skirts (Stay clear of midi skirts) with pointed toe boots or shoes
  • Fitted, cropped jeans are your friend
  • If you are busty, try an empire waist, fitted top and a Hi-Lo hemline
  • Wear high-waisted pants
  • Put a tailor on speed-dial
  • Don’t layer – go for one statement over-sized piece
  • Low heels are just as good as high heels
  • Streamline your silhouette
  • Match your tights to your shoes to lengthen your legs
  • Avoid over-sized bags, try a mini shoulder bag or backpack instead


So, how do you know if you need a petite size?

Here at NYGÅRD, the petite customer is 5’4″ and under. If this is you, then you can safely assume that you will take a petite fit. However, if you have long legs but a short torso, then buy a petite size on top and a regular size on the bottom (and vice versa.) It’s really all about mixing and matching pieces to work with your measurements and proportions! This even works if you are tall but want a shorter length pant, then you may want to try a petite size so that it falls at the right part of your ankle or if you want a cropped blazer effect, then maybe the petite size will give you that look.

The best-kept secret to determine if you need a petite or regular size (as boring as it sounds) is to check the size chart for each item. The link for the size chart is found on the right-hand side of the product page, just under & to the right of the available sizes.  I have included it below for handy reference.


NYGÅRD is obsessed with fit, so petite measurements are kept as consistent as possible across all styles and brands. Typically, tops are 1 inch shorter in length than a regular fit, in the torso, waist and sleeves but sometimes the difference in torso length depends on the fabric and print. For example, if a specific print needs to fall at bust level, then the length of the body may need to be shortened or lengthened slightly to accommodate this factor.

For petite bottoms, the inseam (leg length) is 1-2 inches shorter than a regular fit, depending on the fabric and style. The crotch length will also be shorter to accommodate a shorter body. There is also more forgiveness in leg lengths with looser styles and less forgiveness in more structured styles such as an ankle pant which is generally 1.5 inches shorter than a regular fit. 

“Top Tips to follow when buying a garment is to refer to the size chart.

Bring out your tape measure and follow the recommended measurements as closely as possible, then compare them to your own body measurements. Do NOT rely on your size from another brand as every brand uses different sizing. If you fall between sizes, then take the larger size and have it tailored to fit you exactly. Remember, you can always take something in if there is extra fabric.”

Anna Owczarek, merchandise marketing coordinator, NYGÅRD International

To help you create amazing outfits that fit your shape and style, I have put together the Ultimate Guide of the Best Petite Pieces you need in your wardrobe:


Get the Look @ NYGÅRD



Get the Look @ NYGÅRD

Source: greceghanem/instagram


Get the Look @ NYGÅRD


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