Building a versatile seasonal wardrobe, without breaking the bank, can be challenging, but starting from the bottom up is a surefire way to build a solid foundation.  To start, I recommend investing in three to six bottoms that suit your figure type. If you have a smaller waist, opt for pull-on styles like leggings or jegging that have an elasticized waistline (think NYGÅRD SLIMS) or for those who want a more traditional straight leg pant, try a pull-on style from TanJay or Alia. If you have a curvy figure, go for a boot-cut style, as the flared silhouette evens out your proportions and creates an elongated leg. For a smooth and contoured waist and hip area, the SLIMS line will suit your needs.

Next, mix up your styles and fabrics. A good rule of thumb to follow is:

  • Two pairs of jeans—one dark blue or black, one lighter denim or a patterned denim
  • One pair of black dress pants
  • One pair of printed straight leg pants
  • One pair of printed leggings or jeggings
  • One pair of dark or coloured leggings or jeggings

Of course, if your lifestyle is more relaxed then opt for more casual styles, and if you need more dressy looks, load up on the Slim Ankle and Straight Leg silhouettes for a more professional look.

Most people tend to shy away from prints, texture and brighter colours, but it’s these small details that can take an outfit from good to great, because they add depth, create a focal point and highlight your best assets. Now, this doesn’t mean that every piece of your wardrobe needs to encompass all these aspects. Take your style cues from Parisian women, who really know how to work classics together with statement pieces that add pops of colour and/or print. As an example, match a plain white top with bold red plaid pants, then add a classic cardigan or tailored blazer and some simple stilettos.

My best piece of advice is K.I.S.S —Keep It Simple Style.  

So…if you go bold on the bottom, keep it simple and classic on the top. If you go for bold colour and pattern on the top, keep the bottom a solid colour. This rule applies for fit too—If you have skinny jeans or leggings, you can afford to wear a more relaxed top and vice versa. One last thing piece of personal advice is that even if you have a larger bust or heavier mid-section, keep your tops fitted through the shoulders and bust area. This will create some shape and definition without feeling uncomfortable or restricted but allow you to opt for a slightly looser cut through the mid-section.

I hope these tips on how to build your wardrobe around great bottoms, offer some practical and simple advice to help you get out of the starting blocks. I’ve also put together some high octane outfits for you below, pairing some of our best-selling bottoms with some best-selling sweaters, all topped off with a jacket, handbag or scarf to complete the look.

Get ready to invest in bottoms to build your wardrobe!

The Plaid Plan

NYGÅRD SLIMS – Plaid Slim Ankle Trousers – $69.00
TanJay – Mock Neck Knit Pullover Top – $35.00
Peter Nygård – Iconic Plaid Double-Breasted Blazer – $119.00

The Faux Fund

NYGÅRD SLIMS – Luxe C4 Vintage Faux Leather Leggings – $69.00
TanJay – Plaid Cardigan With Buckle CLosure – $69.00
Tanjay – Three Compartment Zipper Lock Shoulder Bag – $70.00

The Animal Print Annex

NYGÅRD SLIMS – Leopard Faux Suede Leggings – $69.00
NYGÅRD SLIMS – Cutout Ladder Sleeve Sweater – $59.00
TanJay – Patent Medium Satchel – $90.00

The Colour Block Bond

TanJay – Modern Straight Leg Pant – $49.00 
Alia – Stripe Pullover Sweater – $34.99
TanJay – Studded Faux Leather Trim Jacket – $69.00

The Staple Stock

Alia – Straight-Leg Pull-On Corduroy Pants – $45.00
TanJay – Mock Neck Diagonal Rib Sweater – $34.99
TanJay – Colourblock Stripe Hook Fastening Jacket – $69.00 

The Retro 500 

NYGÅRD SLIMS – Luxe C4j Piped Mini Boot Cut Pants – $69.00
NYGÅRD SLIMS – Metallic Lace-Up Choker Collar Sweater – $69.00
Tanjay – Bias Colour-Block Oblong Scarf – $22.00

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any style tips that you would like to pass along, please let us know in the comments section.

Enjoy your weekend.

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