With the global launch of Peter Nygård’s ICONIC COLLECTION, we take you behind the man and inside the collection to reveal its history and significance and why you need to own it.

Peter Nygård is the man behind the NYGÅRD brand and has been at the helm for 50 years. He started out in 1967 when he bought a small manufacturing company located in Winnipeg, right in the heart of Canada, and grew it into a global design house. With facilities in Canada, America, Bahamas, Asia and the Middle East and with stores across North America and the world, the Nygård brand and its brand offerings are an international success.

Certainly across North America, NYGÅRD is a household name synonymous with style and quality at exceptional value. From the brand’s humble beginnings in 1967, women were introduced to Canadian fashion that met their lifestyles as they entered the workforce in greater numbers. Peter Nygård’s designs and business acumen were instrumental in leading the way for Canadian women, Canadian fashion and the Canadian Fashion Industry. In fact, he is known as the North American fashion industry leader in developing an automated supply chain merchandising and logistics system to get fashions to the consumer fast. Literally, the forerunner to fashion brands like Zara and H&M. He has also been instrumental in planting the seeds for NAFTA, where his work and influence granted him the appointment of Chair of the Advisory Committee on future Canadian long-term industrial strategy. For 50 years, he has been an industry leader—fusing design, business and technology.

50 Years of Fashion

Throughout these 50 years, Peter Nygård has not stopped. His tireless work ethic means he has faithfully presented his collections each season and has amassed a following of loyal customers and celebrities alike. To celebrate his commitment to the fashion industry, the Peter Nygård ICONIC COLLECTION encapsulates five decades of fashion. Each piece within the collection is inspired by the extensive NYGÅRD archive of iconic designs and has been revamped for today’s lifestyle demands. The 20-piece capsule collection is truly ICONIC—representing what Peter Nygård has stood for over the last 50 years and what he stands for over the next 50 years.

The clothes in the collection are richly textured and embellished with details that evoke tradition, strength and confidence. Silver is widely used throughout to represent feminine energy—fluid, emotional, sensitive and mysterious. Silver is also associated with words such as modern, glamour, grace, sophistication and elegance. So, whether you are 20 or 70 years young, there is a piece for everybody. One that represents your personality, attitude and style. Wear it your way—Be Your Own Icon.

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