Blogger, Mom and HR Queen, Natalie Bell lives her passion every day by writing about the people and things that inspire her and by drawing a spotlight on everything local in her hometown of Winnipeg.



Natalie Bell started her blog, PegCityLovely, in 2012 while on maternity leave with her third child. A self-confessed techie-nerd, she already had an active Twitter following with whom she was constantly connecting and having conversations with. But, it was during this time that she decided to take the leap and start a blog of her own. “I thought if there was any time in the world, what better time than on mat leave to go for it and join the ranks of other big bloggers,” she recalls.

PegCityLovely started off as a “traditional” Mommy blog on Twitter, but six years later it has grown into Bell’s personal brand with a dedicated blog and social media accounts across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and of course, Twitter. Every day, followers can be a part of Natalie’s morning commute to work and experience her day-to-day living through her Instagram Stories and her daily posts on life, food, family and local Winnipeg. Natalie’s mission is to foster positive, authentic conversations through storytelling. “I think showing people what I do, living my life with its various challenges and sharing real yet positive conversations every day is what people gravitate towards and why they relate to my posts,” says Bell.


“My mom was the pillar of generosity, caring and strength,
so she is my number one icon.”


So, who inspires Bell? Being a natural people person, it is ordinary people who inspire her—people living their daily life, who are digging in and simply living their passions. This is Bell’s foundation and what fuels her attitude and character. Having revealed her penchant for people, it is no surprise that Natalie’s ICON is her late mom, Maureen, who passed away five years ago from breast cancer, at the age of 57. “My mom was the pillar of generosity, caring and strength, so she is my number one icon,” says Bell. “Other icons include Oprah, Michelle Obama, and tons of Accomplished Canadian Black Women who I aspire to be.” 

The Iconic Collection (#ICONIC50) represents the future of the NYGÅRD brand by celebrating women, so it’s no surprise that the collection resonates with Natalie. She loves that it has the ability to transcend generations. It reminds her of her mom and her grandma, who always had TanJay or Alia pieces in their wardrobes. Even her dad worked for NYGÅRD in the 70’s and met Peter, so NYGÅRD has always been a part of her life. If her mom was alive today, she would love the Viscose & Lace Top with the Midi Pleated Skirt, Natalie on the other hand, loves the Lurex Blend Sweater and the Velvet Leggings.

It makes sense that Natalie’s breadth of inspiration expands to fill the stories that she tells. Her posts are uplifting, honest and motivating. Negativity is banished because she wants to dwell in positive energy and tell the stories that are real life, what’s happening today and what matters to real people because that is what people relate to. And, what advice does Natalie have for aspiring young women? “It’s so simple and can make an incredible difference in your life—Just Do You. We are surrounded by so many things and people that we think we need to be or do, but if you just do you and be who you are, you will find your own personal success.”

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Peter Nygård – Lurex Blend Sweater
Peter Nygård – Velvet Leggings
Peter Nygård –  Beaded Velvet Jacket

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