It’s official, fall’s foot is firmly planted on terra firma and well, ok, if we can’t do anything about the impending winter, then let’s change something we can control—our handbag. Thank goodness for that, because research shows that having a sense of control in our life, has a positive effect on our happiness. This winning combination means that not only does a new handbag help out our wardrobe, it may also make us feel just a little bit better.

You may be thinking, “With all the choices out there, what style of handbag should I choose?” Well, if trends are any indication, then this season’s darlings are all about the use of heavy metal embellishment. Luckily, you don’t have to like the music genre to participate (thank goodness, because I am not a fan!) but if you are, then rock on. Whether studs, chains or plain old hardware, I have just the selection of bags to turn that frown upside down. All of these fresh, new bags can be worn day or night and are an affordable way to update your look for the new season—making them versatile investment pieces that you need to have in your closet. Start wearing them now with your transitional coats and jackets and as the cold weather sets in, rotate the ones that you are obsessed with to keep your style looking hot.

From backpacks to totes, put your best shoulder (and smile) forward with my edit of the Best Heavy Metal and Classic Metal handbags to wear this fall.


Chain Mail


Bianca Nygård – Chain Trimmed Metallic Tote – $85.00

Brass Tacks

Bianca Nygård – Camo Studded Backpack – $100.00
Bianca Nygård – Camo Tote With Rhinestone Embellishment – $100.00

Chrome Metal Jacket


Bianca Nygård – Studded Hobo – $100.00
Bianca Nygård – Mini Rhinestone Embellished Hobo – $100.00

Good as Gold


Bianca Nygård – Metallic Square Satchel – $85.00

Classic Rock


Bianca Nygård – 2 Tone Tote – $100.00
Bianca Nygård – Plaid Dome Satchel – $85.00

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