Have you ever uttered the words, “What am I going to wear to work today?” If so, then you need my Best Boss-Inspired Work Wear Edit at your disposal. Whether you work in an office, at home, from the coffee shop, or from literally anywhere in the world, what to wear to work day-in and day-out can sometimes be a challenge. Our lives are busier than ever, so rummaging in our wardrobes every morning for the perfect outfit can either make or break the day.

It doesn’t matter if you have an entry-level position or are the CEO, the old saying, ‘Dress For The Position You Want, Not The One You Have’ rings truer than ever in today’s competitive workplace and social media stratosphere. Even if you don’t think clothes matter that much, know that first impressions do matter and that what you wear ties into this. The forbes.com article, Is Your Work Attire Making The Right Impression At Your New Job, makes the case that, “If you continually wear clothes that aren’t a fit with what your work culture considers acceptable, it can and will work against you in a serious way.” The author, Kathy Caprino states, “…the reality is that we are still judged by things other than our skills and experience.”

In my personal experience, I can honestly say that what you wear to work, definitely impacts your credibility and how others perceive you. Even if their perception is dead wrong, it is almost impossible to change their view, once it has been formed. So, with this in mind, having a carefree modern and stylish look that also reflects your personality can work to your advantage.

Don’t leave looking like the best-dressed boss of your own personal brand to chance, instead invest in a small capsule wardrobe that you can mix and match to suit your career, personality and lifestyle. Why not get the promotion you deserve?

So, regardless of the industry, you work in—Imagine looking effortlessly stylish, polished and ready for success every day? Here’s how to do it at Nygård:

The Celebrity 

If your work requires a more formal approach or if you are the spokesperson for your company, you can still keep it fresh and not stuffy by pairing together simple classic pieces. The key here is to keep the lines clean and to mix in an unexpected colour on one piece. Try a vintage or patterned scarf.

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Get the Look @Nygård:


TanJay – Mock Neck Short Sleeve Sweater Top – $35.00 
Peter Nygård – Midi Pleated Skirt – $85.00
Peter Nygård – Rose jacquard Coat – $89.00
Bianca Nygård – 2 Tone Tote – $100.00

The Politico

Politics is one very hot topic these days but if you work in this field, now more than ever, you need to stay relevant to the communities you represent. So, take style tips from politicians like Chrystia Freeland or America’s Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Keep it young, fresh and on-trend.

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Get the Look @Nygård:

TanJay – Abstract Print Fit and Flare Dress – $69.00
TanJay – Notch Lapel One-Button Blazer – $79.00
TanJay – Oversized Bloom Oblong Scarf – $22.00
TanJay – Patent Medium Satchel – $90.00

The Editor 

If you work in a creative field, such as design, fashion or the arts, then you have creative licence to add colour, patterns, textures and asymmetric silhouettes to your daily look. This can be great, but it also adds pressure to look ultra cool and stylish. But, if you stick to a budget and create a signature style, then you will get it right every time. Think Jenna Lyons and her signature heavy rimmed eyeglasses or Anna Wintour’s signature coif and sunglasses.

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Get the Look @Nygård:

Bianca Nygård – Ruffled Side Top – $59.00
NYGÅRD SLIMS – Peter Nygård Jeans Mid Rise True Skinny – $69.00
TanJay – Faux Snakeskin Moto jacket – $69.00
TanJay – Multi-Scale Houndstooth Oblong Scarf – $22.00

The Entrepreneur 

If you run your own business, then you are probably juggling several roles – CEO, marketer, shipping & receiving. So, you need clothes that are comfortable but also dressy enough to meet clients or for meetings on-the-go. Make your go-to item a  jacket, as it is versatile enough to take you from any scenario that pops up. If you want a look that’s a bit more tailored, then substitute the logo top for a classic white shirt.

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Get the Look @Nygård:

NYGÅRD SLIMS – Sequin Leopard Applique Tee – $49.00
Bianca Nygård – Tie Belt Straight Leg Pants – $69.00 
NYGÅRD SLIMS – Metallic Camo Print Blazer – $119.00
Bianca Nygård – Camo Tote With Micro Rhinestone Embellishment – $100.00

The Fitness Blogger 

If you are a personal trainer or have your own fitness & lifestyle blog, then you need clothes that look sporty but also professional. You may have to make adjustments in your attire quickly, that can range from travelling to meet a client to teaching a class, so look for athleisure layers that take you from casual to dressy.

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Get the Look @Nygård:

NYGÅRD SLIMS – Hot Fix Tank – $39.00 
NYGÅRD SLIMS – Performance Legging – $59.00
TanJay – Marled Knit Cascade Cardigan – $65.00
Bianca Nygård – Camo Studded Backpack – $100.00

The Coder 

Computer programming has long been dominated by men, but luckily that is changing. More women are entering the field, and the World Economic Forum states that recent research suggests that women write better code than their male counterparts. So, if you are in this field, it is important to stand out to your bosses and rise to the top. Invest in smart business pieces that you can put on rotation to help you get it consistently right.

Source: pexels.com

Get the Look @Nygård:

NYGÅRD SLIMS – Pleated Chiffon Ruffle Trim Top – $69.00
NYGÅRD SLIMS – Luxe C4J Plaid Piped Jeggings – $89.00
TanJay – Mixed Media Pleated Chiffon Duster Cardigan – $59.00
Bianca Nygård – Mini Rhinestone Embellished Hobo – $100.00

I hope this article of the best workwear edit has given you some inspiration and valuable advice on how to look fabulously stylish at work and stand out from the crowd. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below and if you liked this post, then scroll down to the bottom and click subscribe to get our latest blog updates.

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