You’re about to make one of the best decisions of your life…buying your first pair of Nygard SLIMS. Now that you’ve found the pants of your dreams, it’s important to identify your true SLIMS size. Long gone are the days of ill-fitting jeans and uncomfortable fabrics. Your curves deserve better. Here’s our quick guide to finding the perfect fit for you.

When selecting your SLIMS, don’t automatically go for the size you think you need. Instead, opt for one size smaller than you would normally wear. Our jeans and leggings look their best when they fit snug and hug your curves. Sizing down will take inches off your waistline, making you look and feel a whole size smaller, while providing unrivalled comfort.

Our SLIMS are all designed with Slimcurve technology which eliminates the dreaded muffin top, delivers gentle compression to the hip and thigh area, lifts and curves your butt and elongates your legs. Let’s not forget about our wide variety of slimming waistbands which also help you shed an inch or two. Pull-on pants are a great alternative to your traditional zip and fly fastening, creating a super smooth stomach thanks to added support.

If you’re trying on in-store, take a few different styles with you into the changing rooms to see what works for you. Or, if you’re ordering online, you can shop with peace of mind knowing you can return your items to any Nygard store for free. Still not sure where to start? Take a look at our sizing chart to get your measurements in check and identify your true SLIMS size.


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