Call off the search! We’ve got the perfect leather pants you’ve been looking for. Meet our new Faux Vintage Leather Jeggings, from the Nygard Slims Luxe collection. What makes this leather pant different from the rest? Aside from giving you incredible curves and lifting your butt, there’s clever technology built into these waist-shaping jeggings.


Forget everything you’ve heard about leather pants. Who has time for stiff, uncomfortable fabrics anyway? Our super soft vintage leather Nygard Slims are made with our signature 4-way stretch technology, giving you 360° of unrivaled comfort. Whether you’re sitting down all day or on the go 24/7, this pant is guaranteed to keep you looking flawless and comfortable all day long.


If you’ve bought Nygard Slims before, you already know how incredible our waistbands are. If you’re new here, we’re going to let you in on one of fashion’s best kept secrets. The key to creating a smaller waistline isn’t spending hours in the gym everyday…it’s our revolutionary hidden waistbands. Stitched inside our pants is a contouring elastic panel which sculpts your curves and slims your waist, giving you confidence from the inside, out.


Leather never goes out of style and this cruelty-free version is a steal at only $79. Available in Black, Cocoa and Olive (petite and regular sizes!), try styling yours with an edgy embroidered jacket for a head-to-toe look, or with a simple T-shirt for a more casual feel.


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