Still searching for the perfect pair of jeans? Never satisfied with the look and feel of your denim? Say hello to Peter Nygard Jeans. Cut from a 4 way stretch denim that provides unrivaled 360 comfort, get the new sexy fit that defines your shape and shows off your curves.

We’re constantly innovating and designing fresh new styles for our fashion-conscious customers and fall 2017 is no exception. We’re proud to announce the pre-launch of Peter Nygard Jeans, our brand new denim line. These are our most comfortable jeans to date, and we’re going to be giving you a sneak peek of our new collection over the next few weeks with a 5 part blog series!

Want to get your hands on a pair of Peter Nygard Jeans? Our official launch date is early October, but you can sign up here to receive exclusive updates and we’ll send you an email when new styles become available.

Want to know more about Peter Nygard Jeans and why every girl should own a pair? See you next Thursday for the second installment of our 5 part blog series.


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