Earth Day 2017

5 ways to get involved

Wondering how you can make a difference this Earth Day? We’re created a shortlist of some of the easiest (and cheapest!) ways to get involved. Get your friends and family to join in and spread the word!

Invest in a bag for life 

Canvas shopper bags used to be a rare sight, but today they are more important than ever. We’re all guilty of accepting plastic bags from stores and they soon build up in our cupboards (we all have a plastic bag stash, right?). Invest in a medium sized, reusable canvas bag that is both environmentally friendly and stylish, meaning you can shop guilt-free knowing you’re doing your bit to cut down on waste.

Try going meat-free for a day 

That’s right. We just suggested putting your bacon addiction on hold for a day. Why? Many of us are completely unaware that our meat consumption is a huge contributor to global warming. Don’t believe us? There are tons of documentaries available on Netflix that are worth a watch if you need convincing (try Vegucated, Cowspiracy and Food Matters). If you’re feeling inspired, why not try a part-time vegetarian diet? Every little helps.

earth day 2017

Get moving 

One of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint for Earth Day 2017 is to get outdoors. Live close to work? Leave the car at home, pack your office-shoes in your canvas bag and pull on your runners instead. If you’re not a morning person, why not go for a bike ride or a short hike after work? We rely so much on fossil fuels to get us out and about, but we often forget there are other alternatives that will keep us and the planet healthier.

Plant something

To put things into perspective, consider the following. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases (made up of carbon dioxide and methane).

Plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. So, why not give gardening a go and help reduce CO2 levels by planting something this weekend? You don’t need a garden to try this one out. If you’re an avocado lover, save the pit and grow your very own avocado plant! Simply google ‘how to grow an avocado tree’ for step-by-step instructions.

Clean out your wardrobe & donate

We all love to shop, but manufacturing clothes requires energy. Lots of it. Help out someone in need by donating clothes you no longer love to charity. Recycling has never been easier and donating your once loved sweater that no longer fits means it won’t end up in a landfill. Earth Day is a great excuse to feel good about clearing out your wardrobe and finding a new home for your old clothes.

earth day 2017
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