Laundry Hacks

Ruined your favourite dress, top or pants? Don't throw them out just yet!

Enjoyed yourself a little too much this holiday season? Perhaps you’ve splashed your favourite dress, spilt red wine on a brand new top, or maybe a romantic kiss at midnight on New Year’s eve has left a smudge of lipstick on the collar of your other half’s shirt. Before you decide the damage is irreversible, try our handy laundry hacks to get your clothes looking as good as they did pre-party season with the help of a few everyday household items.


 We’ve all been there. Lipstick is one of the biggest stain culprits this time of year, but is surprisingly simple to remove.

• Spray hairspray onto your lipstick stain
• Leave for around 15 minutes
• Gently rub affected area with a warm damp cloth & wash according to the care label


 We all like to let our hair down during party season, but all of that dancing and socializing can sometimes result in unsightly perspiration stains.

• Sponge stain with a vinegar & water solution
• This should restore the garment’s original colour and remove any lingering odours
• Rinse will in warm water & repeat if necessary

laundry hacks wine stain

Red & White Wine

Red wine stains often appear much more serious than they actually are. Stay calm and grab a bottle of white!

  • Pour white wine onto the affected area & soak up
  • If the stain is still visible, pour salt onto the area to soak up the remaining colour
  • Wash in cold water and ammonia

As for white wine stains, simply wash in cold water and ammonia to remove any discolouration (do not add red wine!)

Candle Wax

We all have that one friend who is completely obsessed with candles. All it takes is one wrong move for you to end up with a stubborn patch of candle wax glued to your outfit.

• To harden wax, rub stained area with ice
• Scrape away as much of the wax as possible
• With brown paper on either side of the wax stain, press a warm iron to the affected area.
• The wax will stick to the brown paper

laundry hacks candle wax
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