The University of North Dakota Visits One of Their Most Successful Alumni

The University of North Dakota Visits One of Their Most Successful Alumni

When your university Alumni Association requests an interview with you, it’s an indication that you might have done a thing or two right along the way. With a multitude of trail-blazing firsts, a successful global company and a track record of philanthropy, it’s no wonder the University of North Dakota wanted to feature Mr. Peter Nygård in one of their September issue of the UND Alumni Review, as one of their most successful alumni.

Peter Nygård graduated in 1964 from UND’s College of Business & Public Administration at the top of his class and was the recipient of the prestigious Sioux Award. Fifty years later, his success is proof that anyone with an unwavering work-ethic coupled with measured risk-taking, can achieve meteoric results.

NYGÅRD Inkster headquarters in Winnipeg was honoured to host UND’s, Amy Henley, dean of business college; DeAnna Carlson Zink, CEO of alumni; Kim Woods, associate VP senior director of development; Milo Smith, editor UND Alumni Review and Sam Melquist, graphic designer UND Alumni Review on Thursday, May 16, 2019. They were treated to a tour of Gallery50, a behind-the-scenes tour of the facilities and a pizza lunch in PARK50. Gallery50 is an interactive museum of Peter’s 50 years of business. It highlights his childhood with a section of the Nygård family’s original home from Deloraine, Manitoba; there is a retrospective collection of NYGÅRD fashions throughout the decades; glass cases feature memorabilia, gifts and awards, such as Peter’s UND diploma, his Sioux Award and UND’s Fighting Hawks hockey jersey (a gift from UND on the opening of the Gallery) and multiple screens showcasing employees and celebrities.

After the tours, Milo Smith sat down with Peter to get a first-hand account of how Peter’s childhood experiences shaped his fortitude and how his time at UND Business College set him up for success by helping to unleash his drive and passion for business and helping to mould his positive & open mindset. Peter always says, “vision without execution, is just hallucination,” so it’s on point to say that Peter has executed quite a few things in his time!

The afternoon ended with a lunch in the newly launched PARK50, where Mr. Nygård was joined by supermodel and friend, Beverly Johnson, the UND team, executives and associates for healthy artisan pizza and popcorn—all under the glorious sun-filled Winnipeg sky.

Later that evening, the UND team joined Peter Nygård and Beverly Johnson at the Grace Hospital Foundation’s, Grace Gala to honour his long-time friend Pearl McGonigal by sponsoring the Pearl McGonigal Lifetime Achievement Award. 

You can read the UND Alumni Review article here and be sure to watch our highlight video of UND’s visit to our Inskter facitlites,  below. 



On Wednesday, May 29, we hosted a Nygård Style Direct BBQ at our fabulous PARK50 in Winnipeg! Our guests enjoyed artisan pizza and hot dogs in the park on a summer-like day while chatting with some NSD Stylists, winning door prizes, shopping in our SLIMS store and hanging out with Mr. Nygård.

Nygård Style Direct is about Real Women and Real Style. So, we encouraged our guests to learn more about the NSD business and to shed light on a lifestyle that works for them – work when you want, to earn what you need. The Nygård Style Direct goal is simple, to inspire and empower women of all ages, backgrounds and experience to achieve their dreams through the opportunity that allows you to own your own fashion business. Our Independent Stylists work when, where, and how they want, selling our beautiful fashions online and in person. Backed by NYGÅRD and the cutting-edge technology of our revolutionary SLIMS pants, our Stylists are able to share and support the NYGÅRD brand through personal sales. When you feel good, you look great! You are in business for yourself not by yourself. “My favourite part is just making women feel beautiful and I love meeting all the new ladies,” says Jessica Sarnowski, director of NSD. “It doesn’t feel like a job and my kids think I party for a living,” she muses.

FASHION – FUN – FLEXIBLE – FABULOUS and YOU! The beginnings of an amazing adventure…
We invite you to join us & help women across North America fashion their future. How about getting started with a Fashion Starter Kit valued as low as $212. 

Explore more about us at and be sure to watch our highlight video below!


Feature image: includes some NSD stylists


PARK50 was the place to be on Wednesday, May 8 from 4-7 p.m. as we welcomed our Inkster Blvd. neighbours and the Winnipeg community to enjoy a family-friendly BBQ. The “Welcome Neighbour” BBQ was the second event of the season and an excellent opportunity to showcase the beauty of PARK50 and to give Winnipeggers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the company’s Head Quarters, which has been a landmark on Inkster Blvd. since 1977.

Everyone was greeted with a smile and encouraged to experience all of the unique features of PARK50, that Mr. Nygård painstakingly incorporated into the project. It’s not only a feast for the eyes, but it’s also intended to delight all the senses—from the sound of the waterfall and the smell of the wood-burning fire pits to the sight of the 2.7 billion-year-old rock from Greenstone Belt and the wow-factor of the outdoor gym. Guests satisfied their palettes with delicious artisan pizza & hot dogs cooked in the main outdoor BBQ, that just so happens to be housed within a giant Inukshuk. There were healthy beverages to quench everyone’s thirst, and the kids (young & old) flocked to the vintage-looking popcorn machine that overflowed with bags of fresh popcorn.

To top that off, there were tours of the interactive museum called GALLERY50, which highlights Mr. Nygård’s personal life and professional achievements, and is a testimony that if you work hard and be kind to people, EVERYTHING is possible.  A SLIMS Shop was set up so guests could purchase the latest collections of SLIMS jeggings, leggings and tops with an exclusive discount on the evening. And, if you ever wondered what Nygård Style Direct is, several NSD style experts were on-hand to explain the program and answer questions. 

Peter Nygård launched PARK50 last September to mark the 50th Anniversary of the company he founded back in 1967. It encompasses his vision of celebrating the success of and giving back to all the associates at the company, the community and to Winnipeg, a city that is dear to his heart. ” I’ve travelled all over the world & there is no place like Winnipeg,” imparts Mr. Nygård. He wanted to create a holistic environment that focuses on personal well-being, happiness and a healthy lifestyle. 

The BBQ kicked off with a welcome speech from our VP HR, David Paton and then the merriment continued! Even Alana Mowbray from the Winnipeg Free Press lightheartedly said, “I wish I worked here!” The successful turnout showed that the community loves to support home-grown business and enjoyed the open-house atmosphere that gave the public a chance to see our amazing products and brands, showed off our modern premises and explained the history of NYGÅRD International, as well as, unveiling the amazing rags-to-riches story of the man behind the brand—Mr. Peter Nygård.


Be sure to watch our video of the event below.



Wednesday’s Pizza in the Park event marked the official opening of PARK50! The fun-filled event kicked-off a summer-long program of events & activities so that all employees can experience a slice of summer.

Everyone loves making the most of the hot summer weather and clear blue skies—especially, here in Canada where extreme winter weather is a given! The top activities on the quintessential summer bucket list range from relaxing with family at the cottage, reading a book in the backyard, lunching with friends on a patio to getting outside and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

The problem is that all of these scenarios generally take place outside of the workplace and working hours. But…what if your workplace actually had an amazing cottage-style, backyard space that promoted personal well-being and a healthy lifestyle? Well, here at NYGÅRD HQ in Winnipeg, we have just that, and now it’s officially opened.

Peter Nygård launched PARK50 last September to mark the 50th Anniversary of the company he founded back in 1967. It encompasses his vision of celebrating the success of and giving back to all the associates at the company, the community and to Winnipeg, a city that is dear to his heart. ” I’ve travelled all over the world & there is no place like Winnipeg,” imparts Mr. Nygård.  He wanted to create a holistic environment that focuses on personal well-being, happiness and a healthy lifestyle. The park delights the senses and brings a little piece of Falcon Lake back to Winnipeg. It features a waterfall, beautiful wooden tables with fire pits and heaters, a main BBQ pit housed within a giant Inukshuk, the oldest rock in the world (it’s 3.7 billion-years-old & cut from Lake of the Woods Greenstone Belt) and an outdoor gym complete with treadmill, elliptical trainer and free-weights. There is something for everyone to enjoy and the summer line-up promises to be filled with exciting events.

Even though the sun was not cooperating, spring was still in the air and with it, everyone’s anticipation of languid summer days, music and an open mindset.

PARK50 was officially opened by Mr. Jim Bennett, vice chairman, who welcomed all the employees to the PARK and invited everyone to enjoy the artisan pizza, healthy beverages and popcorn on offer. “It’s an amazing experience eating lunch in the PARK with my friends and getting to know my colleagues from other departments,” exclaimed Amy Aingidlik. “I love it here!”

And, if the over 500 pizza slices served and everyone’s smiling faces wasn’t testimony in itself, check out the video highlights and testimonials from all our happy associates. I reckon, “the proof is in the pizza.” 


There are plenty more events scheduled for the summer months ahead. Stay tuned…

Peter Nygard Jeans sneak peek: part 5/5

Peter Nygard Jeans sneak peek: part 5/5

Welcome back to the fifth and final instalment of our Peter Nygard Jeans blog series! Today is all about how to style your new jeans and what to pair with them this season.

For your 9-5

Wearing jeans to work used to be a big no-no, but for a lot of us the workplace has become a much more casual setting. Pair your black high-rise jeans with a simple T-shirt and blazer for a look that is chic and modern. For a more feminine touch, soften your black jeans with a feminine ruffle top or a colourful blouse to add interest to your outfit.

After hours

Been invited to last minute drinks with friends or a night on the town with your girls? Simply style your high-rise frayed jeans with a fierce leather jacket and statement heels for instant glam appeal. We love the frayed detailing on this jeans which has a rebel-chic feel and is perfect for adding a rocker-edge to your evening look.


For us, weekend styling is all about comfort. Team your mid-rise light indigo jeans with a cozy sweater and relaxed sneakers for a walk through the park, or with a cute pair of ankle booties and a bold jacket for a more put together vibe that is perfect for lazy days.


In the press: NYGÅRD supports breast cancer research

In the press: NYGÅRD supports breast cancer research

Nygard has been a longtime supporter of breast cancer research and we are proud to support CancerCare Manitoba as our corporate charity of choice. Peter Nygard’s passion for the cause stems from his mother’s first-hand experience with the disease, and this is a matter that is close to all of our hearts here at NYGÅRD International.

As part of the NYGÅRD for Life initiative, the company has opened 2 state of the art breast cancer research units over the years, including the The Nygård International Molecular Biology Breast Cancer Research Unit & The Breast Cancer Tumour Bank. The Breast Cancer Tumour Bank is the only one of its kind in the world and currently houses more than 8,000 different types of breast cancer tumours.

The global medical research studies taking place at these NYGÅRD Breast Cancer Research Units benefit women worldwide. World-renowned scientists are working together to eradicate breast cancer.Their goal is to diagnose breast cancer earlier so they can target individual treatment to patients. Researchers are also working to identify markers currently present in non-cancer patient’s blood and urine in hopes of creating a test that shows cancer markers that exist in tumours.

In 2016, we donated $1 from every pair of SLIMS sold during the month of October to the cause, and this year we’re going one step further. All proceeds raised from ticket sales of our Fall Fashion Show are being donated to CancerCare Manitoba. The show attracted over 450 guests while breast cancer survivors were given their very own spot in the fashion show (read the full story over on the Winnipeg Free Press HERE)

Want to get involved this October? You can start by thinking about YOU. Women between the ages of 50 and 69 should go for a breast screening every 2 years, so if you haven’t already, be sure to book an appointment. If you are fortunate enough to be able to donate financially, you can contact the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation at (204) 787-2197 and specify that you would like your donation to be made to the NYGÅRD MB Breast Tumour Bank Endowment Fund.