The Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season in in full swing, the pressure of finding the right gifts for everyone on your list can be overwhelming. That’s why we have put together the Essential Holiday Gift Guide to make gifting as stress-free as seasonally possible. So, whether you need some quick inspiration or some serious 911 help for the fussy or for those who have absolutely everything people on your list, our gift guide will help you find the perfect gifts. Check them off your list, then celebrate your success by meeting up with friends for your favourite tipple or desert. 

OK, OK, before we get to celebrating, let’s talk about the gifts at hand. One tip that I have adopted over my many years of working in retail is that the person you are buying for will never know the product(s) that you did not pick, so don’t let it stress you out. I offer this advice because sometimes we become obsessed with the minutia of deciding between a few gift options but if you are truly stuck, go with your gut instinct and own your decision—a gift receipt never hurt either! 

 When thinking about the hard-to-buy-for loved ones in your life, think about what they like to wear on an average day, their style, the colours they always wear or perhaps the colours & styles they have decorated their house with. If that doesn’t give you a clear indication, think about their personality or their hobbies—are they sweet, quirky, business minded or maybe they love to travel? Let these qualities guide you to the style of clothes they might like. If they are quirky, go for an unusual colour, dramatic calls for a flared sleeve or diamanté embellishment and if they love to travel, go for a suede blazer jacket that they can layer over tops to suit any occasion.

To help streamline your options and create a stress-free shopping experience, we have grouped our favourite pieces together for easy navigation. You’ll be sure to find something they will love, at any budget.


The Holiday Gift Guide 

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Get The Look: Denim After-Hours

Get The Look: Denim After-Hours

The perfect pair of jeans is an important part of every woman’s wardrobe. If you are lucky enough to be able to wear them to work, they can take your outfit from standard dress code to a standout style file.

But, when the lights go down on the workday or the workweek, denim can also be your versatile go-to option for casual chic.  It’s an understated look that just needs a pair of statement heels and some earrings and you are good to go!

For inspiration, look to the latest fashion magazines featuring models and celebrities sporting this trend but the bonus of this look is that it works for every age—so don’t limit yourself!  The main key to getting this look right lies in fabric textures and design details. So, it’s all about mixing casual skinny, slim or straight leg jeans with tops, blazers and accessories that add glamour and texture. It’s the mix of casual and dressy that makes this look work for any evening occasion, especially if you aren’t sure of the dress code.


  1. Choose a light, medium or black wash jeans
  2. Try jeans with diamanté embellishment or embroidered details
  3. Add a top with a metallic thread, foil-print or diamanté embellishment
  4. Flared sleeves add glamour
  5. Velvet, silky georgette and lace create texture and understated elegance
  6. Blazer jacket with metal buttons or zippers or a swacket 
  7. Small shoulder or clutch bag
  8. Crystal drop earrings or pearl studs
  9. Heeled ankle boots or simple black heels (high or low)
  10. Bright lipstick – classic red or fuchsia
4 Ways To Wear Plaid For Fall 2019

4 Ways To Wear Plaid For Fall 2019

Plaid is a true heritage print that you can use to infuse your wardrobe with classic versatility, pops of colour or a touch of whimsy. It’s one of the easiest ways to update your seasonal look and to help bring our your personality and sense of style. 

This versatile fabric has been around for centuries and keeps trending each season during Fashion Week on the catwalks of New York, London, Milan and Paris. It appears in various colourways and styles—sometimes as a classically tailored trouser, sometimes as chic Goth and sometimes as cool Britannia. Whatever the seasonal inspiration, rest assured, plaid is once again a huge trend for fall.

The beauty of plaid is that it styles seamlessly into your wardrobe, so whether you only want to add just a touch of plaid in the form of a handbag or wish to dive all-in with the head-to-toe look, there is something for every style, age and fit.

As a company, NYGÅRD prides itself on having trend-driven styles that fit and flatter every body-shape & size. This season, we have introduced the vegan-suede line into the SLIMS and TanJay collections and have gone a step further by mixing this innovative fabric with the heritage of plaid.

So, if you are still wondering how to create a chic plaid outfit, look no further, than my easy-to-follow ultimate checklist:


4 Ways to Wear Plaid

  •  The Plaid Jacket
  •  The Plaid Pant
  • The Head-To-Toe Look
  •  The Finishing Touch

To read more on the history of plaid and how to incorporate it into your weekday looks, read my articles, Check Mate: The Best Plaids To Wear All Week and In The Trenches: How To Wear The Luxe Suede Trench Coat.


The University of North Dakota Visits One of Their Most Successful Alumni

The University of North Dakota Visits One of Their Most Successful Alumni

When your university Alumni Association requests an interview with you, it’s an indication that you might have done a thing or two right along the way. With a multitude of trail-blazing firsts, a successful global company and a track record of philanthropy, it’s no wonder the University of North Dakota wanted to feature Mr. Peter Nygård in one of their September issue of the UND Alumni Review, as one of their most successful alumni.

Peter Nygård graduated in 1964 from UND’s College of Business & Public Administration at the top of his class and was the recipient of the prestigious Sioux Award. Fifty years later, his success is proof that anyone with an unwavering work-ethic coupled with measured risk-taking, can achieve meteoric results.

NYGÅRD Inkster headquarters in Winnipeg was honoured to host UND’s, Amy Henley, dean of business college; DeAnna Carlson Zink, CEO of alumni; Kim Woods, associate VP senior director of development; Milo Smith, editor UND Alumni Review and Sam Melquist, graphic designer UND Alumni Review on Thursday, May 16, 2019. They were treated to a tour of Gallery50, a behind-the-scenes tour of the facilities and a pizza lunch in PARK50. Gallery50 is an interactive museum of Peter’s 50 years of business. It highlights his childhood with a section of the Nygård family’s original home from Deloraine, Manitoba; there is a retrospective collection of NYGÅRD fashions throughout the decades; glass cases feature memorabilia, gifts and awards, such as Peter’s UND diploma, his Sioux Award and UND’s Fighting Hawks hockey jersey (a gift from UND on the opening of the Gallery) and multiple screens showcasing employees and celebrities.

After the tours, Milo Smith sat down with Peter to get a first-hand account of how Peter’s childhood experiences shaped his fortitude and how his time at UND Business College set him up for success by helping to unleash his drive and passion for business and helping to mould his positive & open mindset. Peter always says, “vision without execution, is just hallucination,” so it’s on point to say that Peter has executed quite a few things in his time!

The afternoon ended with a lunch in the newly launched PARK50, where Mr. Nygård was joined by supermodel and friend, Beverly Johnson, the UND team, executives and associates for healthy artisan pizza and popcorn—all under the glorious sun-filled Winnipeg sky.

Later that evening, the UND team joined Peter Nygård and Beverly Johnson at the Grace Hospital Foundation’s, Grace Gala to honour his long-time friend Pearl McGonigal by sponsoring the Pearl McGonigal Lifetime Achievement Award. 

You can read the UND Alumni Review article here and be sure to watch our highlight video of UND’s visit to our Inskter facitlites,  below. 

In The Trenches: How To Wear The Luxe Suede Trench Coat

In The Trenches: How To Wear The Luxe Suede Trench Coat

The trench coat is one of the most iconic pieces of clothing that you can add to your wardrobe. Historically, the trench was designed as an overcoat for British Army officers during the First World War, but throughout the decades it’s design, fabric and fit has been updated from a purely utilitarian rain protection garment to a versatile fashion coat fit for royalty, models and for us, mere mortals!  

The new Luxe Suede Trench re-imagines the original iconic design details and updates them for today’s woman. Let’s face it, you’re busy juggling your time and roles, so your clothes need to be versatile, easy-to-care-for and looking fabulous at all times. No small feat of course but we were up for the challenge and went to work developing a new fabric and streamlining the design.


Hence, the Luxe Suede Trench was born. 


As a premium engineered fabric, Luxe Suede has a soft brushed finish that looks like suede on the outside, but on the inside, it’s a Luxe Ponte Knit. This vegan-friendly fabric has the luxuriously soft texture of suede and the comfort of a 4-way stretch fabric that moves with you and drapes beautifully. So, it’s a win-win-win for fabric, comfort and design. Luxe Suede is not waterproof like suede from an animal, but one of the main benefits is that it’s machine washable and is designed to be worn outside as an overcoat or inside as a blazer/coat. Simply layer it over a tank, a fine knit sweater or even a chunky sweater. 


Not sure how to wear this wonderful piece or how to fit it into your current wardrobe? Let us help you style it in a cool modern way that fits your lifestyle…



1️⃣ Before the leaves start to change their colour and temperature starts to drop, wear your trench coat open over a simple top & jeans or a dress. The medium-weight of our engineered suede fabric will keep you looking cool and feeling cozy.

2️⃣ Wear your trench coat draped over your shoulders for a super chic look. This simple styling trick looks fantastic & is all the rage with fashion #bloggers 

3️⃣ Try the head-to-toe look by pairing the coordinating Luxe Suede Pants with your Luxe Suede Trench. #headtotoe looks are sleek and an easy way to elevate your style! Use the belt to cinch your waist or tie it at the back and leave the coat open for a more relaxed look. 

Pro Tip – Swap our suede belt for one of your own to change the look and feel of the coat. 

4️⃣ Layering is a great styling option that looks good & keeps you warm. Bundle up & layer a chunky knit sweater under your trench and add a scarf & hat too. 

5️⃣ Try a pop of colour under your trench coat and don’t be afraid to try one of our patterned trench coats and matching pants. Fashion should be fun!