With the holiday season in in full swing, the pressure of finding the right gifts for everyone on your list can be overwhelming. That’s why we have put together the Essential Holiday Gift Guide to make gifting as stress-free as seasonally possible. So, whether you need some quick inspiration or some serious 911 help for the fussy or for those who have absolutely everything people on your list, our gift guide will help you find the perfect gifts. Check them off your list, then celebrate your success by meeting up with friends for your favourite tipple or desert. 

OK, OK, before we get to celebrating, let’s talk about the gifts at hand. One tip that I have adopted over my many years of working in retail is that the person you are buying for will never know the product(s) that you did not pick, so don’t let it stress you out. I offer this advice because sometimes we become obsessed with the minutia of deciding between a few gift options but if you are truly stuck, go with your gut instinct and own your decision—a gift receipt never hurt either! 

 When thinking about the hard-to-buy-for loved ones in your life, think about what they like to wear on an average day, their style, the colours they always wear or perhaps the colours & styles they have decorated their house with. If that doesn’t give you a clear indication, think about their personality or their hobbies—are they sweet, quirky, business minded or maybe they love to travel? Let these qualities guide you to the style of clothes they might like. If they are quirky, go for an unusual colour, dramatic calls for a flared sleeve or diamanté embellishment and if they love to travel, go for a suede blazer jacket that they can layer over tops to suit any occasion.

To help streamline your options and create a stress-free shopping experience, we have grouped our favourite pieces together for easy navigation. You’ll be sure to find something they will love, at any budget.


The Holiday Gift Guide 

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