Wednesday’s Pizza in the Park event marked the official opening of PARK50! The fun-filled event kicked-off a summer-long program of events & activities so that all employees can experience a slice of summer.

Everyone loves making the most of the hot summer weather and clear blue skies—especially, here in Canada where extreme winter weather is a given! The top activities on the quintessential summer bucket list range from relaxing with family at the cottage, reading a book in the backyard, lunching with friends on a patio to getting outside and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

The problem is that all of these scenarios generally take place outside of the workplace and working hours. But…what if your workplace actually had an amazing cottage-style, backyard space that promoted personal well-being and a healthy lifestyle? Well, here at NYGÅRD HQ in Winnipeg, we have just that, and now it’s officially opened.

Peter Nygård launched PARK50 last September to mark the 50th Anniversary of the company he founded back in 1967. It encompasses his vision of celebrating the success of and giving back to all the associates at the company, the community and to Winnipeg, a city that is dear to his heart. ” I’ve travelled all over the world & there is no place like Winnipeg,” imparts Mr. Nygård.  He wanted to create a holistic environment that focuses on personal well-being, happiness and a healthy lifestyle. The park delights the senses and brings a little piece of Falcon Lake back to Winnipeg. It features a waterfall, beautiful wooden tables with fire pits and heaters, a main BBQ pit housed within a giant Inukshuk, the oldest rock in the world (it’s 3.7 billion-years-old & cut from Lake of the Woods Greenstone Belt) and an outdoor gym complete with treadmill, elliptical trainer and free-weights. There is something for everyone to enjoy and the summer line-up promises to be filled with exciting events.

Even though the sun was not cooperating, spring was still in the air and with it, everyone’s anticipation of languid summer days, music and an open mindset.

PARK50 was officially opened by Mr. Jim Bennett, vice chairman, who welcomed all the employees to the PARK and invited everyone to enjoy the artisan pizza, healthy beverages and popcorn on offer. “It’s an amazing experience eating lunch in the PARK with my friends and getting to know my colleagues from other departments,” exclaimed Amy Aingidlik. “I love it here!”

And, if the over 500 pizza slices served and everyone’s smiling faces wasn’t testimony in itself, check out the video highlights and testimonials from all our happy associates. I reckon, “the proof is in the pizza.” 


There are plenty more events scheduled for the summer months ahead. Stay tuned…

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