PARK50 was the place to be on Wednesday, May 8 from 4-7 p.m. as we welcomed our Inkster Blvd. neighbours and the Winnipeg community to enjoy a family-friendly BBQ. The “Welcome Neighbour” BBQ was the second event of the season and an excellent opportunity to showcase the beauty of PARK50 and to give Winnipeggers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the company’s Head Quarters, which has been a landmark on Inkster Blvd. since 1977.

Everyone was greeted with a smile and encouraged to experience all of the unique features of PARK50, that Mr. Nygård painstakingly incorporated into the project. It’s not only a feast for the eyes, but it’s also intended to delight all the senses—from the sound of the waterfall and the smell of the wood-burning fire pits to the sight of the 2.7 billion-year-old rock from Greenstone Belt and the wow-factor of the outdoor gym. Guests satisfied their palettes with delicious artisan pizza & hot dogs cooked in the main outdoor BBQ, that just so happens to be housed within a giant Inukshuk. There were healthy beverages to quench everyone’s thirst, and the kids (young & old) flocked to the vintage-looking popcorn machine that overflowed with bags of fresh popcorn.

To top that off, there were tours of the interactive museum called GALLERY50, which highlights Mr. Nygård’s personal life and professional achievements, and is a testimony that if you work hard and be kind to people, EVERYTHING is possible.  A SLIMS Shop was set up so guests could purchase the latest collections of SLIMS jeggings, leggings and tops with an exclusive discount on the evening. And, if you ever wondered what Nygård Style Direct is, several NSD style experts were on-hand to explain the program and answer questions. 

Peter Nygård launched PARK50 last September to mark the 50th Anniversary of the company he founded back in 1967. It encompasses his vision of celebrating the success of and giving back to all the associates at the company, the community and to Winnipeg, a city that is dear to his heart. ” I’ve travelled all over the world & there is no place like Winnipeg,” imparts Mr. Nygård. He wanted to create a holistic environment that focuses on personal well-being, happiness and a healthy lifestyle. 

The BBQ kicked off with a welcome speech from our VP HR, David Paton and then the merriment continued! Even Alana Mowbray from the Winnipeg Free Press lightheartedly said, “I wish I worked here!” The successful turnout showed that the community loves to support home-grown business and enjoyed the open-house atmosphere that gave the public a chance to see our amazing products and brands, showed off our modern premises and explained the history of NYGÅRD International, as well as, unveiling the amazing rags-to-riches story of the man behind the brand—Mr. Peter Nygård.


Be sure to watch our video of the event below.

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