Make checks, plaids and houndstooth your wardrobe BFF to get you through the transition from fall to winter. Mix these updated classics with either go-to staples or one-off trendy pieces to shake up your weekday and even your weekend wardrobe with fresh looks that will take you from the boardroom to brunch.

It’s the beginning of the week and the beginning of winter and, if you are already experiencing outfit-fatigue, then make Plaid your new BFF.  This fabric is classic for a reason and like a BFF, it’s there for you in good times and in bad. So, send out your NYGÅRD plaid friend request and get ready to expand your wardrobe possibilities.

Plaid has been around for centuries, dating back to the Scots who used plaids or “tartans” to identify the various Scottish family clans. Each tartan had specific colours and patterns and the fabric was traditionally used as heavy travelling cloaks to keep out the damp and bitter cold of the Scottish Highlands, but as trade routes opened up and the industrial revolution expanded fabric production, plaid made its way to Britain and America.

This expansion led to the democratization of plaid, where colours and patterns are open to everyone. And while plaids and checks have had peaks and valleys in the fashion world, a classic never goes out of style. 

Plaids, checks and even houndstooth have gone from being associated with traditional, stuffy styles that your gran would wear to being the hipster global dress code.

Luckily for us, office dress codes have eased up in recent years, so it’s much easier to blend corporate with casual and inject both colours and patterns in unexpected combinations. So go for head-to-toe checks but mix it with the latest chunky sneakers, irreverent faux fur loafers or even that brightly hued sweater. And, for more relaxed street-styling on the weekend, layer up with a plaid trench coat, heels and maybe that embellished Hobo bag.

Be right on trend by mixing and matching NYGÅRD’s plaid collections from TanJay, Alia and NYGÅRD SLIMS.

And, to make it super easy and time efficient for you, I have rounded up the best checks to get you straight from Monday to Sunday. It’s a small nod to the past with 7 Days of Checks and one giant leap for plaid-kind.








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